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Wings of Light (Adam)

Adam's wings during Second Impact


Lilith's wings during Third Impact

The Wings of Light (光の翼, Hikari no Tsubasa) appear in the TV Series and in the movies Death and The End of Evangelion. They appear during both Second Impact and Third Impact. During Second Impact, Adam produces white Wings of Light and during Third Impact, Evangelion Unit-01 produces white ones. While these are transparent, the wings that Rei/Lilith produces during Third Impact are white and opaque, almost as if they were an extension of her physical body.


The most obvious symbolism is that of the Christian Angels who are often depicted with wings.


Although the true purpose of the Wings of Light is unknown, both occur during an event where souls are involved. Presumably during Second Impact, the souls of the Katsuragi Expedition's team can be seen floating around when Adam spreads Wings of Light. During Third Impact, the souls of everyone on Earth are collected. It is speculated that the wings are a form of overcharged A.T. Field, since the Mass Production Evangelions are able to physically grab onto Unit-01's Wings of Light during the Third Impact.

Rebuild of EvangelionEdit

The Adams (Rebuild)

The four Adams with wings


Unit-01 at Near Third Impact

Wings of light are possessed by the four Adams of Second Impact and are later developed by Unit-01 at Near Third Impact during its transformation into a luminous being. When Misato observes the latter, she comments on the similarity.

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