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Wheeljack is left of Optimus Prime

Transformers Mode “Eva”

Wheeljack is an Autobot from Transformers.

Wheeljack, among the Autobots, traveled to Earth and arrived in a Tokyo-3; being menaced by Angels. Mode "Eva" chapter 1, Wheeljack witnessed the ghost of Starscream possess one of the creatures, becoming the monstrous giant "Angel"-scream. Mode "Eva" chapter 2 During the battle between "Angel"-scream and the Evangelion-powered Optimus Prime, Wheeljack was contacted through radio by Misato Katsuragi who warned him NERV had no Evangelions left and were relying on Prime to defeat the Angel-Decepticon. After their victory, the Autobots joined forces with NERV; having Wheeljack chat with their scientists.