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WILLE's Logo

WILLE (ヴィレ[?], "Vire") (German for volition or 'the' will) is a new organization appearing in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, which serves as an opposing force to NERV and is dedicated to prevent future impacts.

It was founded after the Near Third Impact caused by Shinji Ikari (Rebuild) and is led by Captain Misato Katsuragi (Rebuild) and its main ship, the AAA Wunder. With the exception of the Captain and the Eva pilots, the crew of WILLE is characterized by wearing a blue bandana, or in the case the marines a blue beret. After Evangelion Unit-01 is successfully recovered from space and employed as a power source for the AAA Wunder, the fleet becomes airborne.

The crew of WILLE at Misato's disposal is somewhat of a rookie team. Despite having Aoba, Hyuga, Maya, Ritsuko and Asuka as former members in their ranks, the rest of the team complains about Misato's choices as a leader and about the protocols and duties of each member. The bridge crew is extremely unsure of Misato's and their own abilities prior to the battle with the Nemesis Series, but after their victory, they seem somewhat more confident. It appears that Kaji Ryoji is connected to WILLE in some manner, as a bridge crew member references his description of Misato's reckless strategies.

It is stated by Ritsuko that the fleet is not properly equipped and has very little resources and supplies at the very beginning of the movie. Ritsuko also mentioned that WILLE had little understanding of AAA Wunder's capabilities as of yet. WILLE is made up of ex-NERV staff, remnants of the UN Government and Military Forces, civilian personnel and others.

Concerns on how WILLE acquired the AAA Wunder arise after the original designation for the Wunder, the NHG Buβe, is revealed. One theory suggests that the Wunder is salvaged from NERV during the 14-year timeskip, and NERV originally has four NHG airships. These may explain the similar appearance but different paintjob of the Wunder as other NHG series airships and WILLE's little understanding of the Wunder.

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WILLE Loadout in 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time.


"WILLE" is German for "will", "desire", or "intention." This makes it a philosophical counterpart to NERV, as nerves carry physical impulses that control muscles and sensation, while "will" is an abstract concept of higher brain functions.

In the Works of the philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer (who coined the "Hedgehog's Dilemma"), there is also the term "Wille zum Leben" (will to live) which is stated to control all behavior of a human being. (Schopenhauers main work is also called "Die Welt als Wille und Vorstellung" , roughly translated as "The World as will and representation") The Philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche developed Schopenhauers concept into the concept of the "Wille zur Macht". ("will to power")(According to Nietzsche, the process of self sustaining of a living creature is no independent will, but a sign of the "Will to Power") There is also the Leni Riefenstahl movie "Triumph des Willens", whose title alludes to these philosophical concepts.

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  • The uniform and body armor of the armed escort that followed shinji in the opening of 3.0 closely resembles the special forces personnel of the JSSDF that attacked NERV in EoE.