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Victor (ヴィクター[?]) (NERV Japan designation) or Torwart (トゥーバート[?]) (NERV EURO designation) are two black Evangelion-like entities working for Armaros. It appears in the novel Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA.


They sport black armor with one single black plate on their back. Their most unique ability is to create worldly paths to appear and disappear at will.The opening of said portals has a devastating effect on unshielded people turning them to pillars of salt.

One of the Torwart units was destroyed by the Super Evangelion but the other one survived and reappeared with Super Evangelion's Center Trigonus that was previously taken by Armaros using the Spear of Longinus. Because of the particular relationship between Shinji and S.EVA, the second unit acts itself as Shinji.


By taking a piece of the black plate on its back, it is able to utilize some sort of atlatl. During the battle at Novaya Zemlya, the weapon is put on display, smashing into howitzers and the ground beneath them at supersonic speeds.

It also possess a power shield similar to the ones carried by Angel Carrier Type-1.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA


  • Torwart means 'Keeper' in German, although is most commonly used in the context of goalkeepers in sports.
  • In the english translation made by Seven Seas, it is used the term Torwätcher.
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