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Petit Eva Evangelion@School (poster 1)
Welcome, Red hair! We hope you'll enjoy browsing the NGE Wiki. Should you wish to contribute, here are great starting points:
  • Our Guide for New Members
    • Gives you a quick look at how the wiki is run.
    • A quick reference to the guides you might need.
  • Editing Help
    • Provides a general tutorial on wiki markup, from basic editing to more advanced tagging. Wiki markup is simple to learn and easy to remember.
  • Your userpage is a great place to tell about yourself, if you want to make one. If you are struggling for ideas on what to put on your userpage, feel free to visit the Userpage Guide.
  • Make sure you sign your name on talk pages with 4 tildes, "~~~~". Again, welcome!

—~The Maverick 013 05:02, October 7, 2012 (UTC)
The Maverick013 - Anta Baka?-
TALK - Yoroshiku-05:02, October 7, 2012 (UTC)Evangelion Unit 03 (Bardiel)
Evangelion Unit 02 (EoE)Hallo! welcome to the Evangelion wiki. We're happy to have you here and hope you'll become a contributor. I saw you addition to the Hikari article and fixed the image ^_^. If you ever need help, feel free to contact me or any of the other admins, as well as our moderator. Have a happy editing!
The Maverick013 - Anta Baka?-
TALK - Yoroshiku-21:35, October 8, 2012 (UTC)Evangelion Unit 03 (Bardiel)
Evangelion Unit 02 (EoE)Hallo again! I saw your most recent edits on Asuka's page and wanted to give you some sugestions ^_^
  • We only use .png format for images so i had to replace the one you uploaded. If you need to cange the format of an image, you can do it by opening it on Pait and saving it under .png format.
  • We mostly use the most recognized phrase for a character's quote so i changed your phrase for Asuka's most common one.
  • When writing something new, remember to keep it in encyclopedic format, so words like "neat" and "beautiful" should be avoided.

Hope this help on future editing :)

The Maverick013 - Anta Baka?-
TALK - Yoroshiku-{{{time}}}Evangelion Unit 03 (Bardiel)
Evangelion Unit 02 (EoE)Hallo there again! I noticed you changed Asuka's quote again, unfortunatly, as i said previously, we use a character's most known phrase for a quote. However, if you think there's a better one or think the current one should be changed, please let us know in that article's talk page. I'm going to revert it for now, as no one else aproved or dissaproved. Hope you undestand :)
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