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Unit 02Edit

LORD SADDLER - Two Heads Are Better Than One-
Imma Firin Ma LAZOOOOR - 18:05, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

User Sachiel

Fourth Angel Face (Rebuild)I've seen that Soxra has uploaded some HQ artworks of Mark.06 and Unit 01 Wakened. So I've been asking myself where they come from. I suppose they're from "Evangelion Chronicle Illustrations", so I've researched a bit and found this:[1]. Now Mark.06 artwork is the same as the one posted by Soxra, but there's even a Unit-02 Rebuild artwork wich I think could work better than the current one. My question is, is an image like that on HQ available somewhere? And if so, shouldn't be the complete set of artwork online?
Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -
Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ - HPZ - O.N.E. ~Hanayo Asa~ 18:24, May 10, 2013 (UTC)
A little note, here : this is Unit-02 Type-S, i.e. Eva-02 with the Aerial Recon Equipment it uses when it fights against the Seventh Angel.

LORD SADDLER - Two Heads Are Better Than One-
Imma Firin Ma LAZOOOOR - 18:37, May 10, 2013 (UTC)

User Sachiel

Fourth Angel Face (Rebuild)Yes I know, it's just that the actual Unit-02 artwork doesn't convince me pretty much. Anyway I found it [2], there are even Angel official artworks, albeit bardiel's missing...I think I'm even going to buy this book if I find it at a low price, 89 dollars are a bit too much...

EDIT1: Since there's no trace of any Bardiel official artwork...I tried to get one as close as possible to the original. So this is out it turned out [3] (I found it on deviant art, rendered it and changed the colors a bit). Could it work?

EDIT2= Yeah I supposed you knew each other by browsing his and yours DA profiles. Well before asking I wanted to hear your opinion, getting permission and then don't use the image wouldn't have made sense to me. However...I actually believe that there is in fact a Bardiel official artwork, in the video the guy missed a page with 02 beast mode and Bardiel [4](at least a think that the hand in the other page it's his). So right know I'm trying to find some Chornicles revised edition...but they seem unfindable

EDIT3= I hadn't any intention to get information of your personal life, in fact I wasn't completely sure you knew each other, I was making assumptions XD As for Images...I'm currently researching on mynitokyo and animepaper, I might aswell start to search in some japanese site or get the book myself. Point is, even if I had it, I'm not so sure I could do some HQ scans, excpecially if some images end up in the middle of the book itself. Probably I'm just too obsessed about this, it's just that an article seems pretty "sad" without at least some images. You know, there was a time when I had a project of putting each battle scene in a gif for the wiki. However, after I made all the cut possibles (taking out dialogues ecc) in Sachiel's fight (I mean, Sachiel's getting PWNED by Unit 01 without reacting for no good reason) I remembered what I read on one evageeks topic "the fights are just a useless part of the anime, I hate them, you shouldn't really care about them". I actually drop the poject afterwards, in fact I'm probably one of the few people who actually like the mecha setting more than the anime itself. I see many character fans (Shinji fans, Asuka fans and so on) and rarely some actual fans of the "mecha" part of the anime (probably because in the end it's not that good). So I don't know, probably I should put my efforts in the character/story pages more than the mecha/angels one. What do you suggest? EDIT4: Tank you for your opinion, really, thanks. As for the artbook I'm not really sure about tearing pages apart. In fact, what I can't find are the "revised" version with 2.0 artworks pages, but the "old" Chronicles has been fully scanned, even if some images were very close to the middle of the book (like Matarael for example). I think that there's a way to scan in HD pages, without actually taking them off the book, the point is (if I recall it correctly), you need a specific HD scanner of some sort. Long story short I'm going to buy the revised version (possibly not at full price, I seriously doubt a book is worth 80 dollars/60 euros) at the end of June or later. Being a fan of monsters designs I'm too much curious to see the official arts for the angels. Point is, I'm not sure I could provide decent scans. For now I will keep researching, I can't believe no one has published them at least in low definition

RE: Moderator Edit
Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -
Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ - HPZ - O.N.E. ~Hanayo Asa~ 21:40, May 10, 2013 (UTC)
Well, I guess I'm also guilty since I also didn't properly introduce myself while I already talked to you several times in the past. So, huh.. Hello to you, DE !

As for the offer.. First of all, thank you very much for that. I, for sure, am honored. The file renaming feature will indeed be very useful as sometimes, things in -ANIMA- aren't that clear and pictures have to be renamed. And that can be boring to have to bother other persons because of our own mistakes.

So, yeah, this sounds good to me and I will gladly accept this. Thanks again for trusting me. ^^

EDIT 08:55, May 11, 2013 (UTC) : I'll go for Bardiel's card : gotta love Unit-03 !

About the artwork policy.. Edit
Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -
Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ - HPZ - O.N.E. ~Hanayo Asa~ 20:21, May 13, 2013 (UTC)
Hi there, DE ! Saddler was asking me about making a proper artwork for Crimson A1 from Torwartα1's one (the latter being basically the same, just with some additional black details on her armor). Now though.. I don't know if there's a particuliar policy about that, but I'm not too keen of having an non-official artwork on a page of the Wiki (even if that artwork is a modified version of an official one). What's your opinion on that subject ?

EDIT 21:28, May 14, 2013 (UTC): Well, the current one is fine as it shows a nearly full body view of her. So yeah, no need for a modified artwork.


LORD SADDLER - Two Heads Are Better Than One-
Imma Firin Ma LAZOOOOR - User Sachiel
Fourth Angel Face (Rebuild)FINALLY! I finally found Bardiel's rebuild artwork sucks -_- I mean it's cool but, I've found it inside a cheap quality video on amazon [5]. Any idea how I could get it in better resolution? I've tried to modify the image a bit, but the quality is just too low. And as always, sorry for bothering you, I don't have much confidence with the other users except you and HP (maybe I should ask him too) XD

EDIT= well, from those images, scanning the book shouldn't require to separate the pages from the book itself. As you can see, the only image I was able to get was the third angel (HP said that the render was fine, do you think the same?), as for the others...I haven't got a clue... EDIT2"= BTW I've also found this [6] can it be useful? EDIT3= Thank you! I'm glad I could help. About the image, I found it on facebook, they're supposed to be Evangelions 3D models used in the movie. Also, where did you find that 00 rebuild image if I can ask? (it has some white spaces between the fingers if I recall correctly, if you wish me to remove them just ask, however I won't be able to do it in a short period of time, I'm not at my home right now) EDIT4= Hum yeah I wasn't sure that it was official, but it looked pretty well done. It might even be really official, but it's in JPG so the quality it's not that good. I'm still searching for something nearly close to some scans of the Chronicle revised version, but all I can find are semi-pornographic images from anima covers (the same that HP has posted wich are even semi-pedopornographic to those with baby Mary...oh god what were they thinking when they made them?!) and random stuff. I just can't underesteand why nobody has posted a scan, I mean why doing it with Chronicles and not with the revised one?

Re:Edit CommentsEdit

LORD SADDLER - Two Heads Are Better Than One-
Imma Firin Ma LAZOOOOR - 19:55, May 22, 2013 (UTC)

User Sachiel

Fourth Angel Face (Rebuild)Oh sorry sorry sorry once again, but it's just...god, where do I start? I'll make this as short as possible, as always I don't want to bother you more than I usually tend to do. You see this animation should be like...over the top? I mean, NGE had low budget and still managed to give so very cool frames, and of course a lot where animation went downhill, but ok, that's excusable (Not to mention design errors, but can forget about them). But now, as far as I got it, they're using professional computer programs and...they're doing the same thing over again? I actually have some excperience in digital drawing like you and I can tell that, no matter what, I don't think they didn't put much effort into it. These details are hard to catch when all the action is going on, so they do not care. If it was all about that it will be fine, but even the evas have lost quality. Being very interested about the design part of Eva I just don't like these low quality frames. Don't compare yourself to them, your art looks much better than their. You MK.09 is awesome, and they, an entire team, couldn't provide any good drawing except some close-up of the units. I've seen online artist doing flashes movies with better quality than some scenes in this movie. I don't want to insult anyone, and if everybody likes this movie it's fine with me. It's a matter of taste, and other factors. Sorry about my rant, I wish I could have enjoyed this movie as I did for 2.22 (1.11 wasn't that great after all...). Oh well, maybe I will change my mind with 4.0, the animation in the trailer looked sick (finally), even if there was some CG

Size of the pictures Edit
Hanayo Asa - BOOTUP ! -
255 terabytes of memory ? Why did I forget that ? - HPZ - O.N.E. ~Hanayo Asa~ 23:27, May 25, 2013 (UTC)
Pictures resized. Did know for the file size limit but not for the size of the picture itself.. -.-

Problem with picture uploading Edit
Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -
Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ - HPZ - O.N.E. ~Hanayo Asa~ 18:16, May 30, 2013 (UTC)
I can't seem to upload properly a picture. It says that the file is "empty" and therefore can't be uploaded, although the picture works perfectly on my computer. Got any idea why ?

EDIT 20:23, May 30, 2013 (UTC): this one. It's the one Superdarkpit uploaded and I reverted (he replaced a NGE version of Eva-02 with this one which is a Rebuild version).

EDIT 05:01, May 31, 2013 (UTC): Guess I forgot to put my proper glasses yesterday.. Will we have to get a copy from the revised Chronicle book Saddler was talking about to get good versions of these artworks ? *sigh*

Well then, you can delete the.. "thing" that would have been the picture.

A questionEdit
The Maverick013 - Is Out of Control-
TALK - The Beast is (not) shouting love this time-01:16, May 31, 2013 (UTC)Zeruel
Evangelion Unit 02 (Beast Mode)Hi the DE! Could you tell me if this two are official one shots? And if they are, are they going to be covered somewhere? (Why people seem to be obsessed with Asuka's boobs? TT_TT).

Armaros Head Edit
Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -
Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ - 18:53, June 6, 2013 (UTC)
You're going to laugh, then ! Actually, it first appears with the visor-head (see here), but later in the story, he has another design. This particular page shows a relation with the Heurtebize, but I don't know what is the precise nature of it. And that's going to be really difficult for me to get informations about this, as it gets this design in the second part of the story. And I don't have as much informations for this part as I have for the first one. Another example of the lack of informations on this second part would be the "Spear of Lucretius" which is apparently used by Armaros. But outside of that fact, I have no information about it. That's really annoying for me.. :-/

Page splitting Edit
Hanayo Asa - BOOTUP ! -
255 terabytes of memory ? Why did I forget that ? - HPZ - O.N.E. ~Hanayo Asa~ 13:53, June 7, 2013 (UTC)
I know we are splitting the pages for Angels like Sachiel to have a NGE version and a Rebuild version. But what about the Evas and characters ?

Artworks Edit
Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -
Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ - 06:55, June 21, 2013 (UTC)
A dynamic one doesn't necessarily show all the details of the body, I think. As there are plenty of neutral stance-artworks for the Rebuild versions of the Evas as opposed to the NGE versions (the artworks we currently have for the NGE versions are too gorgeous not to show them anyway), shouldn't we favor them as opposed to a dynamic one ?

EDIT 11:33, June 21, 2013 (UTC): Thanks for the clarification, I didn't know the precise picture policy here. The Gundam Wiki use reference sheets as pictures for the infoboxes so I thought it was more or less a general policy across all Wikis.

News Edit
Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -
Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ - 19:00, December 28, 2013 (UTC)
Hi DE ! Just to ask you some news.. How is it going, 'cause I (we ?) haven't seen you in awhile..

EDIT 09:31, December 29, 2013 (UTC): Glad you're okay !

As for the news, aside from the usual Wikia maintenance like correcting typos and replacing pictures with others, etc.. we got the pages for the Rebuild versions of Eva-01, Eva-00, Eva-02, Eva-03 and Eva-04 done. Provisional Unit-05 and Eva-08 have been a bit revamped too. The Mark series and the Eva 13 should be done sometime in the future. After that, it will be time for the NGE/EoE Evas to get their pages remade.

The Weapons and Equipment pages have been completed.

We also got a new page for the Asuka from Rebuild and changed the Mari's name from "Mari Illustrious Makinami" to "Mari Makinami Illustrious", as it is more (only ?) seen written like this in official materials.

Maverick has been doing a great job at looking for and categorizing the articles that need work and/or dewikifying (and there are a lot unfortunately !).

Finally, we discussed a bit with MTN about RE-TAKE and how it could be "integrated" to the Wikia.

And I guess this is it.. Let me know if something is wrong or bugging you with what have been done ! :)

= Happy Birthday Edit

Evangelion Unit 04
MTN1996 - You Can (Not) Go On-
 - M.T Field---MTN1996 20:33, February 14, 2014 (UTC)
Hi there! Happy Birthday, DE!! Sorry I was late, but I hope you're not mad or anything. Hope you have a great and happy life. 14:25, December 12, 2014 (UTC) you uploaded this picture, eva 01 separating from Lilith. where is it from? I wonder if its official.

Evangelion Unit 04
MTN1996 - You Can (Not) Go On-
 - M.T Field-MTN1996 13:20, February 13, 2015 (UTC)
Have a wonderful happy, healthy birthday and many more to come. Happy Birthday! ^_^

Vandalism Edit

Nelspeedracer‎ has vandalized this wiki over 12 hours ago, creating several articles that have nothing to do with Evangelion and messing around with several existing articles as well. MarqFJA (talk) 17:55, November 3, 2018 (UTC)

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