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Name Eric
Gender Male
Birthday August 2, 1991 (28)
Days Here 2975
Hobbies Coding
Theme "Beautiful World"

User Shinji This user is a fan of Shinji and his cooking.
User Kaworu This user is a fan of the ominous and illusive Kaworu.
User Petit Shinji This user shared a pack of batteries with Shinji.
User Petit Kaworu This user loves Casper Kaworu the friendly ghost!
User Gendo This user is just as badass as Gendo.
User Ryoji This user helps Kaji with his gardening.
User Misato This user wants to live in Misato's apartment.
User Yui This user knows Yui's soul lives on forever.
User Ramiel R This user loves every one of Ramiel's forms.
User Sahaquiel R This user wants to know what the future held for Sahaquiel.
User Zeruel R This user knows the destructive power of Zeruel beats all others.
User Tabris This user thinks Tabris was not a being who should have died.
User Mark 06 This user loves Mark.06's descent from the moon.
Soxra - I can't describe the feeling when I first touched that Keyblade. It was like being born, I guess.
Talk to me! - Til we find our place on the path unwinding.
Hey! Welcome to my User Page! This is basically where I store anything and everything about myself for the real world to see. Feel free to peruse; there is a navigation section at the very bottom if you're looking for something specific of mine.

If you have any questions about talk bubbles, signatures, images, the Wiki in general, or just feel like bugging me 'cause you're bored, you're welcome to post on my talk page with your question/comment—I don't bite! Just make sure you sign it with four tildes, ~~~~, so I can track you down to reply!

Kind regards,


Welcome! My name is Soxra, though many people call me Soxxeh or just Sox, and if you're reading this, you've landed yourself on my userpage! I'm an administrator and bureaucrat here on the Evangelion Wiki. I love the Eva series and am more than glad to contribute information, or help with coding, reformatting, and some other general editing. If you're new here, feel free to drop me a message!


I'm generally a pretty easygoing, friendly guy, though when the situation calls for it, I can be a little more stoic. Don't let that frighten you, though, I'm just a laid-back, (somewhat) lazy editor who loves coding, drawing, watching movies, and chilling out with friends.


Do feel free to add my Userbox to your profile should you feel so obliged: {{User:Soxra/Friend}}... if you do so, please let me know and I'll put yours up as well!


I don't have the ability to express everything this guy has done for me. So instead, I offer him the spot atop my friends' list, and his own crown so that he may be recognized by everyone as the one who has kept me here, kept me strong, and always been here for me. He's the best friend I could ever ask for, and even more than that.

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