Tokyo cities on real-world Japan
Name Mudhar
Birthday August 1st, 1996
Hobbies Drawing
Video games

Because I have nothing else...
Rei Ayanami

Welcome! I'm MTN1996. I am an ordinary user, but I'm looking forward to rise in this wiki.


My Sandbox


The friends that have helped and supported me. Thank You Very Much! ^_^

Although my connections with them were simple, but it's better than nothing, Right?

Beyond_The_Grave_%28Anime_Version%29.png This user is friends with a person who carries his own coffin.

Favorite CharactersEdit

User Rei This user thinks that Rei can never be replaced.
User Kaworu This user is a fan of the ominous and illusive Kaworu.
User Asuka This user is a fan of the Red Ambassadress.
User Toji This user wants to play basketball with Tōji.
User Yui This user knows Yui's soul lives on forever.
User Hikari This user would enjoy sharing a meal with Hikari.

Favorite AngelsEdit

User Sahaquiel This user stood strong under the pressure of Sahaquiel.
User Sahaquiel R This user wants to know what the future held for Sahaquiel.
User Ramiel This user admires Ramiel's perfect geometry.
User Ramiel R This user loves every one of Ramiel's forms.
User Sachiel This user spent fifteen years waiting for Sachiel's arrival.
User Zeruel This user watched Zeruel destroy the GeoFront in one blink.
User Zeruel R This user knows the destructive power of Zeruel beats all others.
User Gaghiel This user loves the marine nature of Gaghiel.
User Matarael This user loved Matarael's superb stealth skills.
User Leliel This user dived willingly into Leliel's Dirac sea.

Favorite EvangelionsEdit

User Unit 04 This user never saw enough of Unit 04.
User Unit 01 This user is a fan of Unit 01, plain and simple.
User Berserker This user revels in every howl that Unit 01 makes.
User Mark 06 This user loves Mark.06's descent from the moon.
User Unit 02 This user skydived alongside Unit 02 to defeat an Angel.
User Unit 03 This user would have loved to see Unit 03 in action.
User MP Unit This user wants to see more of the MP series.
User Unit 00 This user thinks Unit 00 definitely kicks the most ass.
User Evangelion 13 This user started the 4th Impact with Evangelion 13.
User Mark 09 This user gladly hopped into Mark.09's hand.

Favorite EpisodesEdit


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