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Pseudo Hanayo Asa
Age 30 (born January 4, 1991)
Residence France
Hobbies Anime, Music, Video Games, Drawing, Plastic Models

Hanayo Asa - Nyaaaa~ -

Jinsei wa, one-two-panchi... ♪ -
A random French Evangelion fan (btw, sorry for my English which can be poor sometimes, especially when I'm tired...). 'Nuff said.

Hanayo Asa - BOOTUP ! -

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US Evangelion Wolfpac.png To-do List: US Evangelion Wolfpac.png
  • Finish the ANIMA stuff (mainly characters and Evangelion units). (DONE !)
  • Make a Rebuild page for each of the important characters (the Children, Misato, Gendo, Pen Pen (okay, I'm kidding for this one), etc..), the original Evangelion units (Unit-00 to Unit-04) and the Angels.
  • Refine and update the existant Evangelions/characters/Angels Rebuild pages.
  • Refine and update the existent Evangelions/characters/Angels pages from the original NGE/EoE era.
  • Make a page for the Bandai model kits. (DONE !)

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