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Unnamed Angel is an Angel that is original to the Neon Genesis Evangelion video game. The Unnamed Angel is Israfel's replacement in the Sega Saturn game, aside from a standard A.T. Field its powers include morphing the upper half of it's body into an armored ball, extending its spear-like tail long distances as an effective melee weapon, and flashes from its eyes that cause amnesia. For unknown reasons this Angel leaves Tokyo-3 and reappears two other times.


The Angel is relatively humanoid in shape, with a pair of arms and legs, and at the end of each, clawed hands and circular feet. On his elbows and knees, his body extends and forms a sort of pointy end. He also has two pairs of similar stitches on his shoulders that shines a red light. The Angel has a gray tail, ending in a pointy tail. Its head does not protrude from the top of his body, but downwards. It is long and flat and ends by splitting in two, like the head of a hammerhead shark. The Angel features predominantly dark brown colors with touches of gray. Just like Sachiel, its core is in the middle of the torso.


Neon Genesis Evangelion[]

Shortly after the Angel appears in Tokyo-3, NERV sends Evangelions Unit-01, Unit-02, and Unit-00 against it. As the fight rages on, the Angel hurls Unit-01 against a building and immobilizes it. Taking advantage of this moment of weakness, the enemy produces a series of light flashes that makes Shinji Ikari lose his memory. Without really knowing why or how, the Angel then disappears, allowing the Evangelions and their pilots to return safely. The Angel returns a few days later. NERV sends Unit-02 and Unit-00 again when Shinji is not at NERV Headquarters. Depending on the player's choice, Shinji boards Unit-01 or not and manages to defeat the Angel.