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US Evangelion/Wolfpack (US エヴァンゲリオン/ウルフパツク[?]) is one of the Evangelion Units produced by the USA appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA. It is piloted by Mari. Unlike the other Evangelion Units, there are animal DNA spliced into it, just like its pilot.


US Evangelion/Wolfpack is an Evangelion made by the NERV U.S., which was incorporated by the United States government after SEELE went inactive. NERV U.S. is using the technique of simplifying the thought patterns shared between the Evangelion and its pilot, also they have been splicing animal DNA into both the Evangelion and the pilot. This was an idea long before studied but SEELE forbid them from exploring the possibilities, due to their belief that a beast wouldn't be able to take part in the Human Instrumentality Project. Fuyutsuki thought that the US branch of NERV was deactivated after the failure with the Evangelion Unit-04, but Aoba shares that he thinks that was just a cover up story for the branching out of NERV U.S. to use federal funds to further their research and development. Aoba also states that he believes that they used this chance to go underground, since if the american public knew they were splicing animal DNA into humans, the secularists religious groups in America wouldn't stay silent. [1] It is officially considered the Evangelion Unit-17, counted after the three Evangelion Unit-0.0 activation. It is possible to change between two legged form and quadruped form. In the quadruped form, the low center of gravity allows it to move in a stable high-speed movement, exceeding 200 kilometres per hours even in rough terrain. It possess two Q.R. Signum located in its rear legs, which gives power to it, but the origin of it was never stated.

There are three alternate forms, the initial one, the one after it acquired where it grows in size, being heavier than even Super Evangelion. And a third form, where it is even larger after it attacks Torwartα1 and after biting into it, the same proccess that happened with Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica happens, growing in size and morphing it, except this time, it only had its upper torso since the lower one was ripped off and piercing by the Spear of Longinus repplica.


It initially possess the Eliminator Torus, a weapon that are four conical structures were mounted on the Evangelion’s back. It rotates, accelerating faster and faster as it goes, inside it, there are super-directional N2 explosive charges, that are spinned and causes a more compact N² Reaction. Each shot is compressed into the density of a micro black hole and fired, being able to easily pierce the Angel Carrier Type-3 power shield.[2]

It is able to use animal's A.T.Field in a form of gigantic beasts that can attack in a pack, when pierced by the Spear of Longinus. The A.T. Field beasts bleeds incredible ammounts of blood.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

It first appears when a giant transport UN Airplane lands at the Hakone’s Daikan Airport, leaving the US Evangelion and the support team as Maya asked NERV U.S. to share their data on genetic modifications to use it as to look into a way of splitting Asuka from Crimson A1. One week before the operation, NERV U.S. had abruptly come out from its long hiding and announced that they would act as reserve forces. On the way to Russia, the detachment stopped in NERV Japan to refuel and pay their respects.[3]

The Evangelions of ANIMA are reactive to their pilots bio/psychological data, which is why Asuka's Unit-02's physicality evolves in concordance with Asuka's personality. The same principle applies to Wolfpack and Mari. NERV's U.S. branch spliced dozens of species of animal DNA into Mari. Mari's physically possesses cat ears and walks around with a robot who feeds her human biological data to preserve her human form. Each time Mari connects to Wolfpack her human form erodes and becomes more beast-like. Mari has dozens of animal consciousnesses contained within her, each with their own A.T. Field (invisible bodies) manifesting into a pack of wolves.



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