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US Evangelion/Wolfpac (US エヴァンゲリオン/ウルフパツク[?]) is one of the Evangelion Units produced by the USA appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA. It is piloted by Mari. Unlike the other Evangelion Units, it is not humanoid, but more animalistic in appearance.


The Evangelions of ANIMA are reactive to their pilots bio/psychological data, which is why Asuka's Unit-02's physicality evolves in concordance with Asuka's personality. The same principle applies to Wolfpac and Mari. NERV's USA branch spliced dozens of species of animal DNA into Mari. Mari's physically possesses cat ears and walks around with a robot who feeds her human biological data to preserve her human form. Each time Mari connects to Wolfpac her human form erodes and becomes more beast-like. Mari has dozens of animal consciousnesses contained within her, each with their own A.T. Field (invisible bodies) manifesting into a pack of wolves.


This unit's appearance has a striking resemblance to the Beast Mode of Evangelion Production Model-02'γ as it is also based on beasts, having fur on parts of its body, and has limiter-like pylons on the back.

Wolfpac when not in beast mode


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