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Type-N Robot is a robot appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA novel.


There are 3 Type-N Robots, each were assigned to each Rei, being Rei Quatre, Rei Cinq and Rei Six. They work as brain monitoring robots, they can maintain communications with each other, acting in a group.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

Since Rei Quatre is a rogue clone, and Rei Cinq is deceased, the remaining robots follow the one assigned to Rei Six. When the group encounters Azuchi, one of the dogs of the Liteunant Colonel Kasuga, they act in fear, hiding besides Rei six as she pets the dog. As Kasuga talks with Six, the robots play rock-paper-scissors in order for priority to decides who was going to be fishing with the man's rod. When Toji sends her away in the Evangelion Unit-00 Type F, the robots follows her too, being something unusual. [1]

The one flicked into space would later be find by Rei Six in stratosphere.[2]


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