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Twelfth Angel (第12使徒, Dai 12 no shito?) is the 12th Angel belonging to the Rebuild of Evangelion film series. It was introduced in the Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo film. It is a core-like Angel sealed inside Evangelion Mark.06 by a supposed Spear of Longinus.


Little else is known about the Angel, other than cryptic lines from Mari and Asuka, suggesting that they had encountered it before. Mari refers to it as the "Last Angel", and says that defeating it could cause something bad to occur. This is possibly why it was sealed instead of defeating it during the 14 year time gap.

It assumes the form of a giant Rei Ayanami after getting released and morphs into a giant embryo, resembling Sandalphon's embryonic stage, just before getting eaten by the Evangelion in form of a core.


Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo[]

As soon as Shinji Ikari pulls out the two Longinus Spears from Lilith's body, the Mark.06 starts floating in the air, bending the upper and lower members of the Evangelion as if it was void. Soon after, the visor activates, showing a red light; the Evangelion Mark.09 decapitates it with its scythe, releasing the Angel inside it.

The Twelfth Angel first appears as innumerable black hexagonal pillars moving together in two intertwining serpent-like shapes, with the front ends being red. The two strands soon merge into one, which promptly engulfs Evangelion 13 by spinning around it and winding itself into a ball-like shape. The Angel later changes shape into a massive core, and then into a fetus-like core being that at one point resembles a massive red Rei Ayanami. Eventually, the Twelfth Angel is condensed into a normal-sized core that is eaten by Evangelion 13, resulting in the Twelfth Angel's destruction, Kaworu Nagisa's demotion from First Angel to Thirteenth, and the initiation of the Fourth Impact.


  • When the Angel first manifests as luminous red markings on Mark.06's visor, it resembles the original 11th Angel Ireul from the Neon Genesis Evangelion TV series. In its ball form, the Angel resembles the original the 12th Angel Leliel. However, once it unfurls and actually begins its attack, it more closely resembles Armisael, the original series' 16th Angel.
  • Strangely, this Angel is listed as the Twelfth instead of the Eleventh, implying the unseen 11th could be eliminated between the 14 years gap.