Transformers Mode “Eva” (トランスフォーマー×エヴァンゲリオン[?]) is a crossover of Transformers and Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. It was a set of online short web novel with some illustrations that was released in four parts between May 23, 2014 and November 25, 2014. A toy was also released exclusively at the TakaraTomy Mall website limited to 1000 copies of MP-10 Convoy Mode "Eva" with support parts colored in NERV color scheme.


An Angel appears and the Autobots come to Earth to investigate a disturbance. The Autobots arrvie in Sky Lynx where they are to help take down the angel, but then, after being killed by Galvatron, Starscream's ghost appears, possessing the Angel and becoming, Angel-scream.

Optimus Prime scans Eva-01 and enlarges to its size and got its colors « Transformers Mode "Eva" chapter 4 Transformers Mode Eva ch 4.jpg Optimus Prime, just before upstaging Asuka. The Angel-enhanced Starscream is shocked at Optimus Prime's new "Mode Eva" body. The other Autobots also have their own observations of surprise to share, and an anxious Sideswipe worries about the scan's effect on their commander. Prime assures his comrades that he's feeling alright, when in reality he's got an odd sensation, as if he's carrying another life force within his body. The two giants fire volleys at each other and Optimus defends the Eva-01 from Starscream's attack, but he suddenly finds his own barrage mysteriously blocked by an energy barrier, which Misato, observing from NERV headquarters, recognizes as the A.T. Field of the Angels. Starscream finds this power alluring, pondering if he could use it against Galvatron. But, first, he plans to make up for years of resentment against Optimus and lunges at him with his claws, following up with blasts from his null-rays. Wheeljack is alarmed by this turn of events and is soon contacted by Misato through radio waves. Misato informs Wheeljack that they do not have any other Evas prepared, and they are putting all of their hopes on to Optimus to destroy the Angel-Decepticon threat. The Autobots attempt to come to their commander's aid, but are repelled by both Starscream's size and A.T. Field. Taking a different strategy, Bumblebee drives around Starscream's feet and dares him to catch the tiny Autobot. The Angel-Decepticon tries to give chase, but his unfamiliarity with his new form makes the attempt awkward. Misato helps by ordering the city's geometry to change, throwing Starscream further off balance. Seizing the moment, Optimus charges the red energy from his core into his Energy Axe, slicing it through Starscream's A.T. Field, much to the Decepticon's surprise. The axe continues till it hits the Angel's core, expelling Starscream's screaming ghost into the void and causing the Angel to die as the core bleeds out red liquid. Hours later, Optimus has returned to his original size and is at a NERV military camp, where NERV technicians have renovated Optimus's trailer to serve as a mobile maintenance facility for "Optimus Prime-Eva". The united Autobot-NERV forces realize that more Decepticons and Angels will surely come, and Optimus Prime will stand ready to defend the Earth against both threats. Misato acknowledges her words but can only look at the Transformer with both anxiety and expectation...




  • In Transformers series this story takes place in the universe Primax 514.23 Iota.
  • When Toyko-3 transforms Optimus Prime compared it to Metroplex a giant sized Transformer.
  • The Unicron Wars and Starscream’s offscreen death is reference to Transformers: The Movie however Wheeljack and Optimus Prime shown alive in the implying events similar in it happened.
  • Misato is the only human character from Evangelion while Asuka and Shinji didn’t appear.
  • It’s unknown of EVA-01 was piloted remotely or by Shinji inside in this story.

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