Tony Takezaki's Neon Genesis Evangelion (トニーたけざきのエヴァンゲリオン[?], "Tonī takezaki no evangerion") is a manga series based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion written and illustrated by Tony Takezaki. It was compiled into a single volume and it was published by Kadokawa Shoten in April 27, 2004. It was serialized in Young Ace from October 4, 2010 to September 3, 2011. It was published in United States of America by Dark Horse in May 27, 2015.


You saw his work in Neon Genesis Evangelion: Comic Tribute... Depicting the truth about Rei with great sensitivity . . . Wait, that’s not the right word. What’s the opposite of “great sensitivity”? Well, whatever it is, Tony Takezaki’s got it, in this collection of all-new stories satirizing the Evangelion you saw on TV, as well as some scenes that apparently were never aired! SEE! Eva as a 1960s TV show! SEE! Kaworu and Shinji’s standup comedy career! SEE! Ritsuko’s days as Gendo’s student intern! SEE! Eva Units, flinging dookie! You’ll see all that and more, because this is Tony Takezaki’s Neon Genesis Evangelion! [1]

Table of Contents

In Dark Horse edition:

  • Chapter 00: Lies and Previews
  • Chapter 01: The case of Ritsuko akagi
  • Chapter 02: Shrinking of the breast
  • Chapter 03: Fourth Invalid
  • Chapter 04: The case of Misato Katsuragi
  • Chapter 05: Introjection, Defecation
  • Chapter 06: A Human Weirdo
  • Chapter 07: The Douche of Life
  • Chapter 08: At least, be abusive
  • Chapter 09: Ambivalence
  • Extra Chapter: Love is Destructive
  • Chapter 10: Misato, behind her Heart
  • Chapter 11: Decisive Battle in Tokyo-3 First middle school
  • Chapter 12: Cheapskate's Dilemma
  • Chapter 13: The Value of Magazines
  • Chapter 14: The beard that shouted "wolf" at the heart of the NERV
  • Chapter 15:He was aware that he was still naked
  • Extra Chapter: Innovation
  • Chapter 16: Do you love me?
  • Chapter 17:The birth of NERV
  • Extra Chapter: Marking time, waiting for death
  • Extra Chapter: Asuka writes!
  • Chapter 18: The funny messenger
  • Chapter 19: A step forward into hilarity
  • Chapter 20: My impurest service for you
  • Chapter 21: The beginning and the end, or "The NERV-tan Show"
  • Chapter 22:The case of Tony Takezaki


  • In the original japanese edition, the amount of pages is 198. In the edition published by Dark Horse, the amount of pages is 174.


  • ISBN-13:9784047157897
  • ISBN-13:978-1-61655-736-2

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