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Su-27 SMN² Platypus II (Su-27改 プラティパスII[?]) is an aircraft appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA.


Platypus II is the progenitor of the graviton floater technology, combining N² reactor and a diamond-slit array. It is a joint manufacture between NERV Japan and Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force using the Sukhoi Su-27 as testbed. This technology was later used in the UX-1 Allegorica system using the data acumulated from the development of Platypus II. It is equipped with a railgun that uses the power from the N² reactor and the speed can reach Mach 2. The original intent was to be used as air support for Evangelions, but due to the lease of Hakune from the United Nations, the cooperation fell through. Now the aircraft was used as transportation, mainly for Tōji Suzuhara frequent travels. There are also extra-sided cameras that allows the user to see in various directions in the screen. [1]

It uses extremely powerful synthethic aperture radar to penetrate clouds and other gases that would normally block radio waves, in order to plot a route to the Akashima. It also posses a positron cannon with a specific camera for it. [2]


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

It was used by Acting Deputy Commander Tōji Suzuhara to travel to Rogachevo, a russian military air base on the southern side of Novaya Zemlya. In this location, a coalition of russians, americans, europeans and were preparing their attack on Armaros in this island. Due to being used as nuclear test site and the test of N² weapons on the island could make the contamined soil and dust from previous tests to rise up in the air, due to this, all people there used protection equipment, the name of the place, coined by the natives was Misha's Frying Pan.[3]

When Toji's arrived, his mission was to observe the planned battle site, due to UN request of participation of NERV Japan in the battle against Armaros. He was instructed to not get near Evangelion EURO-II Heurtebise, She watches him stumble on his arrival as he tries to get her attention, but later she starts testing the quantum wave mirrors in preparation to the mission. Toji contacts the command center and they all have the view from the site, and there he met Liteunant Colonel Kasuga again, who made small talk as the test operations proceeded, when he receives a report from Maya Ibuki that Crimson A1 went missing. Due to a hijacking of the quantum wave mirror cars, Victor appeared, holding the Center Trigonus. Toji used the cameras from the Platypus II to show what was happening to the command center.[4]

Two of them are used to scout the Yomotsu Hirasaka Island, when they encounter a quadruped being with a red Evangelion on the top of its head. [5]


  • It was developed using a Sukhoi Su-27 as a testbed.
  • It was designed by Seiji Kio.
  • It is also known as N2 Flanker, Shrike-1, Shrike-2.


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