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Strategic Defense Force Integrated Mechanic Soldier Type-4 Akashima.png

A distant successor of the Jet Alone lineage appearing in Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA. It is a new, transformable anti-Angel weapon used by the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force and built with the assistance of the NERV Japan.


It is powered by a N² Reactor, is fully compatible with the Evangelion weapons and can mount optional equipment on its wings. Two pilots, one driver and one gunner, are needed to control the machine.

Ground-effect cruising mode to bipedal model, and the mechanized giant's wings folded away. The Akashima was also a testing unit for the graviton floaters in Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica.


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

The Akashima commander is Liteunant Colonel Kasuga, one of the pilots is Warrant Officer Endo. The Acting Deputy Commander Tōji Suzuhara negotiates with them in order to send a recovery mission to The Valley of Human Bodies in Morocco, North Africa and travels inside one to get there, and there he meets Hikari Horaki.