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A simulation body, infected by the Angel Ireul

The Simulation bodies are three incomplete Evangelion Units, kept in the Pribnow Box in NERV HQ for testing purposes. They are unarmored, have no legs, and instead of heads have a large number of cables extending from their neck, as well as tubes extending from their lower torsos where their legs should be. Each of them only has a right arm, with only a stub of a left arm terminating before the elbow. Unlike a proper Evangelion, a simulation body has no visible Core.

Simulation bodies are used in tests aimed at refining the synchronization between Evas and their pilots. Synchronizing with a simulation body gives a different feeling than from piloting a normal Eva, perhaps due to the missing limbs and lack of a core. For instance, Asuka described her experience as feeling that everything was blurry except for her right arm.

The Angel Ireul infected the simulation bodies during its invasion of NERV HQ, raising the arm of one of the simulation Evas towards the control box with Ritsuko and Misato inside. However, Ritsuko quickly severed the arm at the shoulder with demolition charges planted inside of it. From the core of its infection around the simulation bodies, Ireul proceeded to form into a living biological computer circuit, and hacked into the Magi supercomputers.


  • The simulation bodies only appear in Episode 13, and the details of their construction are unknown. They may have been constructed by salvaging and reusing earlier rejected Failed Evangelion Prototypes, but this is just speculation.
  • It is also unexplained how the Eva pilots were able to synchronize with them given that in Episode 23 Ritsuko reveals that Evas need to contain a human soul in order for a pilot to synchronize with it, specifically the soul of their mother (Yui in Shinji's case, Kyoko in Asuka's case), and their workings are not explained. Apparently, the pilots do not synchronize with the simulation body itself, but somehow the "simulation plugs" connect with the real Evangelion Units, through the simulation bodies, as seen when Rei turns on the real Unit-00's A.T. Field while in the simulation body.
  • The simulation bodies are designated "Zero-A", "Zero-B", and "Zero-C".
  • The names of things associated with the simulation Eva body testing area, such as "Sigma Unit", "Polysome", and "Pribnow Box", are all named after objects involved in the process of DNA transcription and translation. The "Sigma Unit" of RNA polymerase enzyme is the part responsible for recognizing the signal on the DNA strand that tells the polymerase to begin synthesizing RNA. It is through this sigma unit that RNA polymerase is able to initiate transcription. The "Pribnow box" is the promoter site on prokaryote DNA, which causes RNA polymerase to bind to the strand and begin transcription into mRNA. A "polysome" is the term for a cluster of ribosomes, which translate mRNA into proteins.
  • The robots armed with lasers, used to keep the simulation body testing room sterile, are called "Polysomes".