Shiro Tokita (時田シロウ[?], "Tokita Shirō") is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion franchise. He was in charge of developing Jet Alone by the private company Japan Heavy Chemical Industries.

During the demonstration, Jet Alone goes out of control and Misato Katsuragi is forced to try and stop it.


A celebration of Jet Alone completion announcement commemoration is held at the old center of Tokyo. Shiro announces that the demonstration will be held later and allows time for questions. Ritsuko Akagi questions him about the safety of Jet Alone, given that it uses nuclear reactors, however Shiro assures her its safer than their dangerous weapon that can go out of control and run wild. As Ritsuko continues with her questions, Shiro makes fun of their weapon that uses pilot and human heart to control it.

During the demonstration, the pressure inside the reactor of Jet Alone starts to increase. As they can't stop it, Shiro orders Jet Alone to be shut down, however they are unable to stop it. As Jet Alone is out of control, the chance of reactor meltdown increases. Misato Katsuragi requests the password to delete all the programming on Jet Alone. Unable to authorize that by himself, Shiro make a call, but is told that he needs to submit a formal request. Since that will take too much time, Misato decides to act on her own. Seeing that Shiro gives her the password "HOPE" and equipped with a radiation resistant suit she climbs into Jet Alone with the help of Eva Unit 01. The password fails to work due to sabotage to the main computer but fortunately at the last second the virus causing it to go berserk runs its course and reengages the control rods shutting Jet Alone down.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project

In Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project it was revealed that Shiro Tokita actually went to college with Yui Ikari and had a long standing friendly rivalry with her due to the fact he always came in second to her in the class rankings. At one point in the manga he invites her family plus Shinji’s friends to check out a still incomplete Jet Alone. Similar to what happens in the TV episode due to sabotage the computer in the factory malfunctions forcing Yui and the kids to forcibly reboot the factory mainframe in order to stop a meltdown in the robot’s reactor. Just like in the show the password fails to function but in a comical twist the meltdown is averted due to Gendo Ikari unexpectedly appearing in the mainframe room and karate chopping the computer which causes it to accept the password and shut down. Later a newspaper clipping shows that the robot was eventually finished and deployed successfully upsetting Yui as she didn’t actually want it to work. Tokita later gives Yui tickets for a promotional Sci-if movie featuring Jet Alone fighting a monster that looks like Sachiel however Yui not wanting to indulge her rival instead pawns the tickets off on Rei and Shinji and has them tell her what happens in the movie in case Tokita asks what she though of it.


Tokita is named named after a character from the novel Ai to Gensou no Fascism.