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Sandalphon (サンダルフォン?) (Hebrew: סנדלפון) was the 8th Angel. It was discovered when still in its embryo stage, inside an active volcano. It is preceded by Israfel and succeeded by Matarael.


Sandalphon embryo

The Angel in its embryonic state.

This "recent hatched" Angel has a very aquatic and weak form, it is unknown if it has a developed Core or can generate an A.T. Field. The Angel is initially discovered in an embryonic state, vaguely resembling a human embryo and encased within a dark, elliptical cocoon-like object. When Sandalphon prepares to hatch, it vocalizes in the same manner as a human baby (however distorted) and proceeds to rearrange its mass into a new form. (The transformation is obscured by a blurry distortion, a convention in the show typically used to indicate the employment of an A.T. Field.) Its adult form is flattened, finned, and overall fish-like, similar to that of a flatfish. Despite having two "eyes" similar to a flatfish, its actual eyes are on stalks, and its actual mouth is on the ventral side on its head, similar to that of Anomalocaris and related dinocaridids.. It can withstand extremely high temperatures, such as those experienced inside of an active volcano, even with its mouth opened.


Neon Genesis Evangelion[]

Sandalphon vs Eva-02

Unit-02 stabbing Sandalphon.

Asuka was given a modified Plug Suit to survive the intense heat, and was sent in with Unit-02 to retrieve it. Sandalphon became active during the final stage of retrieval and was destroyed in the ensuing battle with Asuka. It was defeated by the Progressive Knife that Shinji dropped to Asuka after being pumped full of coolant to overcome its heat and pressure hardened body.


  • It is unknown on whether or not Sandalphon's actions are truly belligerent or infantile in nature but, judging by the fact that it makes 'baby sounds' before hatching, its behavior could be interpreted as infantile, though whether or not it destroyed the Eva's umbilical cables as a dying resort or out of an infantile mindset is left ambiguous.