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Sakura Suzuhara (鈴原 サクラ[?], "Suzuhara Sakura"), is a fictional character that first appeared in Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance, the second film in the Rebuild of Evangelion tetralogy, though her name was not revealed until the third film. Before the Rebuild series, she was mentioned in the anime and manga series, but didn't appear nor had her name mentioned to anyone. She is the younger sister of Tōji Suzuhara.


Rebuild of Evangelion

During the fight between the Fourth Angel and Evangelion Unit-01, Sakura is injured and is hospitalized for a period of time much to the misfortune of Tōji Suzuhara, her older brother. She leaves the hospital some time after the day Evangelion Unit-03 arrived in Japan. That day, Tōji does not come to class to go be with his sister.

In Evangelion 3.0 it is revealed that she survived the Near Third Impact, and her role is expanded as she has become a medical officer for WILLE, holding the rank of Second Lieutenant. When Shinji wakes up aboard the ship, Sakura is responsible for monitoring his health and brings him to the deck to find Misato Katsuragi. After the Wunder takes off, Sakura continues to accompany Shinji to his cell. There she introduces herself, and he realizes that fourteen years have passed since he was last awaken. Shinji ends up running away with the Evangelion Mark.09 when the Wunder is attacked by NERV. She's the only person to treat Shinji with a reserved amount of kindness during his stay in the AAA Wunder, and desperately asks him not to pilot an Evangelion unit.

In Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, Sakura is first seen by Shinji, when he wakes up from the taser shot delivered by Asuka, she is teary eyed when she sees that Shinji is awaken and slaps him in the face and berates him because he piloted an Evangelion again and run away when she told him not to. She calls him an idiot and cry over Shinji. Right after this, Asuka signs the documents of responsibility of BM-03's monitoring and restrainment. She explains that this time Shinji won't use the DSS Choker and will be placed in Chamber 2, but is surprised to see him return to Wunder, after all MAGI Copy did get the results of the explosion of the choker near him, she calls the experience a trauma. Alongside the signing, Sakura also receives the Village 3 visual records and personal correspondence from Toji, inside a flowery pattern envelope. A photo of Bunzaemon Horaki, Hikari Suzuhara, Tsubame Suzuhara and Toji Suzuhara with this message on the back: "To Sakura with love! Your Big Bro". After receiving the photo, she starts crying, but the nature of it is unknown.

During Operation Yamato, she remains aboard the Wunder where she assist others in the medical bay. She returns further forward after Gendō Ikari escapes aboard Evangelion 13, taking Unit-01, into the Minus Space. Shinji wishes to find Unit-01 and confront his father. However, Midori Kitakami strongly object to the boy piloting again, but is surprised to see that Sakura actually shoots near Shinji's feet. They both point a gun at him. Sakura does not wish to kill him, but to injure him enough so that he is not able to pilot it anymore. She fires, but Misato stands in to protect Shinji and is shot in abdomen. The Captain states that she is still responsible for Shinji's custody and will entrust everything to him. Sakura is still against it until Midori shoots her gun telling her to let it go. She drops her gun as Mari arrives, still crying over the situation. Misato is treated by Sakura as she talks with Shinji for the last time. Afterwards, she helps the other members of the WILLE evacuate the Wunder when it is decided to use it to create the Spear of Gaius. In particular, she takes care of several WILLE injured members to help them reach the Nekozame-class orbital assault craft. She embarks with them and leaves the Wunder in a capsule that arrives near Village 3.


Sakura Suzuhara is the only person in WILLE who addresses Shinji with courtesy and respect. During the attack of Evangelion Mark.04, she is happy to be on the bridge to witness the operation. Despite her enthusiasm for WILLE's work, she does not seem to approve certain choices like placing the DSS Choker on Shinji.

Sakura does not look like her brother at all. She has long brown hair and fair skin. She wears a unique uniform in the WILLE consisting of a white and gray dress with a pocket and dark legging stopping below the knees. She also wears a black beret and a blue scarf around her neck. Apparently, she does not seem to know about her brother's whereabouts.

She holds both conflicting views towards Shinji Ikari, accusing him of bringing misfortune for them and himself for piloting an Evangelion. She is willing to shoot him to stop him for boarding an Evangelion. She is in total distress as she speaks these words, crying and shaking the gun she is holding, closing her eyes as she fires the gun. When Misatos affirms her position to let him go, she accuses him of being both a savior and a destroyer and they have no other choice to stop him.


  • Sakura Suzuhara's voice actor is Miyuki Sawashiro, who also voiced Cereza from Bayonetta: Bloody Fate and Rin Rin from Max Anarchy By SEGA and Platinum Games.
  • In the anime and manga canon, she was never named or shown. This is the second film of the Rebuild series that shows her appearance and the first movie that officially names her.
  • Like her brother, Sakura speaks in Kansai dialect, a particular Japanese dialect used in the Kansai region.
  • In the video game Neon Genesis Evangelions, Toji Suzuhara's sister is a different character named Natsumi Suzuhara and voiced by Miki Nagasawa.
  • She shares her room inside the Wunder alongside Midori Kitakami.