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Rei Quatre ("quatre" being French for "four") is a fictional character from the Evangelion -ANIMA- continuity. She pilots the EVA0.0 [Quatre].

In Evangelion -ANIMA-, several other Ayanami clones appear. They were produced at the same time and have nearly identical figures and appearances. To differentiate them, they were given different haircuts. The fourth clone, Rei Quatre, has silver hair. The Ayanami series clones produced at NERV didn't develop self-awareness; they are remotely controlled by the original Rei via a mental link.

However, after she suffered a mind contamination, Rei Quatre began to act independently, immediately shooting the Eva-01 at point-blank with EVA0.0 [Quatre] and then disappearing.

After her reappearence, she showed a deep hatred toward Shinji and repeatedly tried to kill him. But her acts toward him became more and more unexplainable as shown when she kissed Shinji while promising him that she will kill him.

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