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Rei Cinq ("Cinq" being French for "five") is a fictional character from the Evangelion -ANIMA- continuity. She pilots the EVA0.0 [Cinq].

In Evangelion -ANIMA-, several other Ayanami clones appear. They were produced at the same time and have nearly identical figures and appearances. To differentiate them, they were given different haircuts. The fifth clone, Rei Cinq, has a short haircut. Although the Ayanami series clones produced at NERV didn't develop any self-awareness, being remotely controlled by the original Rei via a mental link, Cinq began to develop a personality on her own after Rei Quatre's mind contamination.

She shows growth beyond the two previous Reis, Rei No. Trois and Rei Quatre. She is expected to be the perfect Rei as she could grow even beyond the second Rei, No. Deux.

When she, in her EVA0.0 [Cinq], had to back up Asuka (piloting her Eva-02 Allegorica) in the battle against Armaros, she and her Evangelion got swallowed by the Sphere of Longinus, resulting in both her death and the destruction of the EVA0.0 [Cinq].

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