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Rei Cinq (レイ·サンク[?]) ("Cinq" meaning "five" in French) is a fictional character from the Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA novel. She pilots the Unit-0.0 [Cinq].


Rei Cinq is taller than the other Reis and does possess shorter hair, even when they were produced at the same time. She scolds Rei Six for embarrassing Ikari-kun and Asuka tells the group that a first year asked Rei Cinq out in the hallway. She refused it gently saying she would feel bad if she didn't gave him a straight answer. [1] According to Asuka, Rei Cinq was putting more effort into being more sociable than the other Reis, but sometimes she was easy to talk and some she felt like she was going with the flow [2]


Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA

After the events of the SEELE attack on the NERV base, several other Ayanami clones were cultivated in artificial wombs. By observing how the the soulless clones in vitro would show a synchronicity in motion and brain activity with the one possessing a soul. They develop a method of mental mirroring that allows Rei Trois to control her clones.[3]

Although the Ayanami series clones produced at NERV Japan are said to not develop any self-awareness, being remotely controlled by the original Rei Trois via a mental link to operate the Sword of Damocles network, Cinq began to develop a personality on her own after Rei Quatre's mind contamination during the events of Volume 1.

From then on she shows exceptional growth beyond the two previous Reis, Rei No. Trois and Rei Quatre. She is expected to be the perfect Rei as she could grow even beyond the second Rei, No. Deux. Who was previously considered the ideal clone, Cinq would fight alongside Asuka Langley Sohryu, saving her life multiple times and becoming a friend to Asuka and come into a big sister role when with Rei Six; by the time NERV Japan deploys to the Moon, Rei Cinq is determined to have surpassed the ability and growth of Rei No. Deux, the original Rei that Shinji met in 2015.

Unfortunately she, in her Unit-0.0 [Cinq], is forced to back up Asuka (piloting her Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica) in the battle against Armaros as they attempt to penetrate the Longinus Curtain by manifesting their A.T. Field and forcing their way, but were forced back by the power of the Curtain. Asuka decided to use her progressive knife to cut their way through when a message from Hakone came, telling her that they were noticed and the Spear of Longinus was coming at their direction. The hole that Asuka did was eventually closed and their Evangelions slid across the barrier with the movement of the Spear. To alter their trajectory, Cinq decided to boost her S² engine to emergency output levels using the force of it to push the tip of knife even further into the barrier. But due to the External S² Engines being extracted from the Mass Production Evangelion, Unit-0.0 couldn't control and the output was increasing without stopping. Before a decision could be made, a head of a Mass Production Evangelion with her Cinq's entry plug in its mouth appeared from her own Evangelion, sprouting from the S² Engine spine, not being able to eject her own plug. The MP Evangelion grew arms and attempted to break 0.0 neck as Cinq cried out in pain. She tells Asuka that she thinks that she is the part of Ayanami that she shows to the world. Like someone took the face she wears for other people and made that into a person, or at least that part of her is emphasized in Cinq. Asuka answers that maybe that is how she started, but if she didn't like it, she could change it, offering her help to figure it out together. Cinq thanks her and uses her Evangelion's laser barrel to project a powerful A.T. Field blasting a hole in the Curtain, forcing Unit-02 Type II Allegorica into the hole. When Asuka turns, she saw the two Evangelions exploding into a massive cross of light.[4]

In Cinq's final moments, her mental mirror link with Trois was reconnected and Trois felt a terrible pain in her neck, losing her vision. Cinq felt like it was worth it, but all her emotions at that moment, was too much for Trois to feel in such a short moment. [5] A version of her appears for Shinji in the Volume 3 as Shinji is in the Apple's Core.


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  • She calls Asuka with Soryu-san. Asuka recalls that it took Rei Ayanami 2 years to start calling her Asuka, before it she was called "The Second Child".