Petit Eva: EVANGELION@GAME (ぷちえゔぁ〜EVANGELION@GAME〜[?], ""Puchi Eva 〜EVANGELION@GAME〜"") is a video game based on the Petit Eva: Evangelion@School manga series. It was released for Nintendo DS systems in 2008, published by Bandai Namco Games.[1]

An unofficial English translation patch for the game was released on May 4th, 2021.[2]


An example of a Touch Adventure level.

In Petit Eva, players take control of Shinji Ikari to complete 48 minigame levels, each one representing a week in the game's calendar. There are five different types of minigame. Touch Adventure levels utilize a point-and-click mechanic, asking the players to use the DS touch pad to draw circles around different items, to progress through the level's dialogue tree. Touch Action levels are side-scrolling action segments in which the player must move various objects in and out of Shinji's road to get to a goal before a timer runs out. Touch Puzzle levels involve moving objects around on the screen to complete a variety of challenges, such as rearranging wire puzzles and solving math problems. Tapping Time levels require the player to rapidly tap the touch screen with the stylus in order to keep up momentum and reach a goal in time. The final kind, Heart Quiz levels, operate like a game show, where the other characters provide questions and statements to Shinji, and the player's job is to select the best response from a list of answers.

Completing levels will also unlock items, which the player can access through the Items menu. Items have an image, a short description, and information on where they were unlocked.


  • Director: Takeo Nishiyama
  • Game Design: Yuri Shibamura
  • Lead Programmer: Yamaguchi Takayuki
  • Programming: Riyouta Tanaka, Shun Kikuchi
  • Program Support: Akihiko Tamai
  • Graphic Design: Keiichi Hayashi, Yoshihiro Murano, Yuko Nakamura, Masahiko Ito, Sachiko Hirabaru
  • Planning: Setsu Fukugawa, Takeo Nishiyama
  • Audio: Koji Yamada, Nakaze Daizuke, Tomomi Akama, Masato Hara, Mayumi Nagayama, Genki Harada


Mari's in-game profile.

  • This game marks the first official appearance of Mari Makinami Illustrious outside of movie trailers. She can be seen briefly in several cutscenes, and a short profile on her, which marked the first instance of her being named, can be unlocked by the player in the final level of the game. Notably, her design does not reflect the final version that would later appear in Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance. The game instead uses a concept design for her.

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