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Optimus Prime is the leader of the heroic Autobots and the last prime, he scanned Evangelion Unit-01 and gained its colors and size to defeat Angel-Scream.

Transformers x Evangelion

Optimus Prime came to Earth on Sky Lynx at the same time to see an Angel attack and witnessed Starscream take over an Angel and became Angel-Scream. Unit-01 was deployed to combat it and Optimus Prime scanned it to gain its colors and to combat the Starscream enhanced Angel. Starscream was defeated by the Autobot leader with the help of his Autobots and when he was returned to normal size, NERV made some upgrades to Prime’s trailer for the command center of Optimus Prime-Eva and the Autobots unite with NERV to become Autobot-NERV, to combat Decepticons and Angels alike. [1]