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Operation Yamato (ヤマト作戦[?]) is the operation that WILLE enacts to prevent Fifth Impact and the Human Instrumentality Project from occurring. Later WUNDER arrives in Antarctica and is intercepted by NHG Erlösung,NHG Erbsünde and a swarm of Evangelion Mark.07. Sometime during the fight Evangelion Unit-02 (Rebuild)/New Unit-02α and Evangelion Unit-08/Unit-08γ descend fighting Mark.07. Eventually Evangelion Mark.09-A attempts to reclaim WUNDER after its failed attempt during Fourth Impact Unit-08γ fights Mark.09-A while New Unit-02α attempts to reach Evangelion 13. While WUNDER is descending two unknown objects form the Spear of Longinus while attempting to destroy the spear WUNDER is disarmed by ​​​NHG Gebet. During an unknown period of time Misato Katsuragi (Rebuild) and WUNDERs crew head down to Nerv's cavalry base to confront Gendo Ikari. New Unit-02α attempts to destroy Evangelion 13 but raises an A.T field out of nowhere Asuka Shikinami Langley reveals that she was keeping the Ninth Angel that survived when Unit-03 was destroyed at bay. New Unit-02α and Asuka transform into a new Ninth Angel and break's through Evangelion 13's A.T Field but it activates and destroys New Unit-02α like how Unit-01 destroyed Unit-03 absorbing the Ninth Angel and Asuka causing Evangelion 13 to one again to enter a state of awakening. Ritsuko shoots Gendo in the head multiple times but is ineffective as Gendo had already used Nebuchadnezzar's Key and merges with Evangelion 13 causing the Additional Impact. Evangelion 13 later takes Unit-01 into the Gates of Guff.

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