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Nozomi Horaki (洞木ノゾミ[?], "Horaki Nozomi") is a student and younger sister of Hikari Horaki and Kodama Horaki.


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Nozomi is a young girl with medium long brown hair usually tied in a left side ponytail using a ribbon with two pink balls and a yellow hairpin. She usually wears a sleeves shirt with horizontal white and pink stripes. She wears pink shoes with hearts, long socks and short pants.

In other media


Hikari and her sisters, Kodama and Nozomi, cameo in episode 31 of the kids train mecha TV anime Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION. They give a car ride to main Shinkalion protagonist Hayato Hayasugi. The cameo is notable for being Kodama and Nozomi's first on-screen appearances in any Evangelion-related media. Junko Iwao, Hikari's voice actress in the Evangelion TV anime, voices her and her sisters during the episode.[1]

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