Neon Genesis Evangelion ANIMA Visual Book (新世紀エヴァンゲリオンANIMAヴィジュアルブック[?], "Shin Seiki Evangerion ANIMA Vuijuaru Bukku") is a 81 page book published and edited in 2010 by ASCII Media Works. It focus on the world and mecha from Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA. It ends with a rewritten version of the first chapters of ANIMA by Yamashita. This rewrite has some differences with the version written by Takeru Kageyama, published in Dengeki Hobby Magazine.


Evangelion's mechanical designer Ikuto Yamashita's official side story project "Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA". In commemoration of the release of "Chogokin Evangelion -ANIMA- Super Evangelion" by Bandai in March 2010. it is a collection of drawings that explains the setting and illustrations of the main mecha. In addition to Yamashita's beautiful Super Evangelion illustrations, there are plenty of character illustrations by Hiroyuki Utatane depicting 17-year-old Rei and Asuka! From the world view to the mechanical setting and character setting, this is a book that allows you to understand the world of "New Century Evangelion: ANIMA". We will also reprint the diorama that reproduces the examples and illustrations.[1]



  • Text: Ikuto Yamashita
  • Artistic Direction: Takeru Kageyama
  • Cover Illustrator: Ikuto Yamashita
  • Illustrator: Ikuto Yamashita, Hiroyuki Utatane, Seiji Kio
  • Publisher: ASCII Media Works
  • Language: Japanese
  • Number of Pages: 81 pages
  • Release Date: August 01, 2010


  • ISBN-13:978-4-0486-8526-9

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