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NHG Gebet (NHG)-***4) (NHG ゲベート[?]) is one of NERV’s ships appearing in Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time.


The NHG Gebet is a giant autonomous warship serving Evangelion Mark.12. This ship features silver striping and decals to match its master identical silver coloring.

The NHG Gebet is a flying vessel with a symmetrical silhouette along a central axis. From the size of a regular Evangelion (about 80 meters), it can be determined that it is approximately 1900 meters long and has a wingspan of about 1500 meters. Its appearance can be separated into several elements: a body, a head, two wings, two shoulders and a tail.

The body is the central element of the vessel. This is where the important parts of the ship are located, including the engine. Above, there are three huge pyramidal crystals. From the body, it is possible to go to the "shoulders" and the head. The body continues by refining to form a long tail adorned with relief similar to the spiny processes of vertebrae. The head of the Gebet consists of a broad, skeletal point.

On either side of the vessel, we find the wings of the Gebet composed of two wings on each side of the body. To ensure the stability of the vessel in flight, a double fin is arranged at the end of the main body. The wings are connected to the central axis by the "shoulder pads". They form two imposing volumes which extend in the length of the Wunder on each side of the head, forming two pointed spurs. It is on these elements that the main rocket engines of the ship are placed. Six of the ship's seven turrets are also on the "shoulders". The last turret is placed under the end of the tail.

The NHG Gebet is a ship originally designed to participate in the establishment of Third Impact and Fourth Impact. From three points on the body of the ship, it can spread wings of lights and resonate with the other ships to initiate the ritual. These dots look like large crystals on the top of the ships.


The NHG Gebet appears to share most, if not all, its features with the other NERV controlled warships. These features include crystalline spikes which can be used for close combat and ramming attacks, the ability to fire Angelic cross-shaped beams and a dual control scheme being either autonomously or manually controlled.

Despite its imposing size, the Gebet is able to levitate and propel itself using six main engines. For this, a large power source is needed to allow uninterrupted flight. To defend itself, it can count on significant armor, but not necessarily infallible, especially below the ship. The Gebet does not have a crew.

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Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time

To implement the Human Instrumentality Project, SEELE is launching the construction of four ships and four EVA Opfer Types, derived from the Adams. The NHG Gebet is the ship associated with the Evangelion Mark.12.

The NHG Gebet is not used until later when Gendō Ikari enters the final phase for the Human Instrumentality Project in Antarctica. As WILLE achieve its objective of Black Moon and NERV Headquarters at the epicenter of Second Impact, AAA Wunder launches Operation Yamato. It has already come under attack from NHG Erlösung and NHG Erbsünde who are still chasing it.

The two ships arrive shortly after, hover around the Black Moon, and deploy three Wings of Light. The 4 ships resonate, creating an energy field that converts the Black Moon into new spears. As Misato prepares to fire on one of the ships, a third, the NHG Gebet, takes them by surprise and violently spurs the Wunder by destroying its railguns. Thanks to the Evangelion Mark.09-A taking control of the Wunder, the last two ships in turn place themselves around the Moon and also deploy their Wings to complete the initiation rite of the Fourth Impact. Moments later, after the start of Additional Impact, Mari Makinami Illustrious, aboard Unit-08γ, destroys the three NHG ships of the NERV. They sink into the Minus Space.

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  • Gebet means prayer in German.
  • The meaning of the acronym "NHG" is still unknown.