NERV U.S. (ネルフUSA[?]) is an organization that appears in the novel Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA.


It is an organization that was separated from the NERV into a smaller branch and mainly funded by the American Government. It is first mentioned by Maya Ibuki, when NERV Japan found out that the DNA of Asuka Langley Sohryu, Evangelion Unit-02 Type II Allegorica and countless lifeforms were merged upon touching the Ark, resulting into the Crimson A1. [1] It is mentioned by Maya that "NERV U.S. is working on genetically modifying pilot candidates in order to create pilots that the Evangelions will deem worthy.", by simplifying the thought patterns shared between the Evangelion and the pilot by splicing animal DNA into both of them. Kōzō Fuyutsuki states that Gendo Ikari knew about them, but went into another route, since it had a high risk of producing something no longer human. He also states that the characteristic of animals could improve the combat performance, but SEELE forbade them to explore such routes, since a pilot that couldn't be counted upon to unlock the Human Instrumentality Project.[2]

Fuyutsuki believed that the American branch of NERV was dispersed after the failure with Evangelion Unit-04, but Shigeru Aoba, explains that it was a cover story, since NERV U.S. was working on multiple projects using federal funds and resources from the American Government. He believes that Unit-04's failure was a cover story used by the organization to go underground, since if the american public knew they were splicing animal DNA into humans, the religious groups wouldn't stay silent.[3]

In an unspecified way, the americans got hold of a Q.R. Signum and installed it into the US Evangelion/Wolfpack. Upon Maya's request for their data on genetic modifications, they send actual results in the form of US Evangelion, it would also be used as reserve forces in the battle of Novaya Zemlya, Russia. NERV U.S. had their team temporary on Japan for refuel and paying respects to NERV Japan. Upon refueling, they parted to Russia shortly after. [4]

NERV U.S. medical team was concerned that every time Mari piloted the Evangelion, animal parts would continue to take over her body. Even more when just like other NERV branches, struggled to find compatible pilots. But unlike other branches, they decided that it was better to remove any decision the Evangelion would have into which pilot was compatible or not. They achieved this by the process of devolution, returning the Evangelion into an earlier form, before they had an element of consciousness. This had consequences like US Evangelion forgetting how to walk upright, but gaining benefits like explosive aggressiveness in combat.[5]

After losing control of Mari and the US Evangelion in the Tower of Babel battle and effects that broke it free. the NERV U.S. team could barely monitor the telemetry of the pilot, even with the support robot inside the entry plug. They couldn't communicate with its pilot and tried various alternative means. The effects of a new Q.R. Signum on the US Evangelion wasn't something that they could imagine, and just monitored their Evangelion roaming South until it reached water and it started to swim. And even if the american military managed to stop it, since it grew in size, there is no way they could transport it in any kind. [6]

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  • UN Giant Transport Place


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