NERV Japan (ネルフジャパン[?]) is an organization that appears in the novel Neon Genesis Evangelion: ANIMA.


The staff of NERV Japan are organizationally part of the Strategic Self-Defense Forces, this was a matter of convenience, since legally speaking the SSDF is the only organization in Japan that can maintain and use large scale weapons. Concurrently with the deployment of new equipment like the Evangelion Unit-0.0. It was dissolved after the NERV Japanese Headquarters and reformed as NERV Japan. This was to make amends, under pressure from SEELE, the United Nations and the Japanese Government among others, for the damage caused when dealing with emergencies and angels search-and-destroy network.

It is located in Hakone Caldera, now a UN-leased territory. The only organization with authority over NERV Japan is the United Nations.

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