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Musashi Lee Strasberg (ムサシ・リー・ストラスバーグ[?]) is an original character that appears in the video game Neon Genesis Evangelion: Iron Maiden. He is a test pilot of the T•RIDEN•T Land Cruiser, alongside Mana Kirishima and Keita Asari.


Musashi and Keita escape from the JSSDF piloting their respective T•RIDEN•T units in the direction of the Hakone region, getting NERV to become involved in the incident. Raiden joined in, and his pilot was seriously injured after falling over the edge of a waterfall.

Shinden initially escapes and avoids detection by hiding in Lake Ashi, but is eventually lured into a trap with Mana being used as bait. After being shot down by the Evangelion Units in a joint operation between JSSDF and NERV, they were destroyed with an N² bomb.