Motomu Kiyokawa, Kozo Fuyutsuki's seiyū

Kiyokawa (清川 元夢 Kiyokawa Motomu, born April 9, 1935) is a Japanese actor and seiyū from Kanagawa Prefecture. He is affiliated with the Tokyo Actor's Consumer's Cooperative Society. Now in his seventies, Motomu Kiyokawa is the oldest member of the cast, but has even managed to reprise his role in the Rebuild of Evangelion movies as Kozo Fuyutsuki.

A selection of other characters voiced by Motomu Kiyokawa

  • Mobile Suit Gundam (1979) as Tem Ray
  • Nadia - Secret of Blue Water (1990) as Gargoyle
  • Mobile Fighter G Gundam (1994) as Dr. Mikamura
  • The Big O (1999) as Norman Burg
  • Gungrave (2003) as Dr. Tokioka
  • Hellsing (2001/2006) as Walter C. Dornez