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Midori Kitakami (北上ミドリ[?], "Kitakami Midori") is a fictional character that firstly appears in the movie Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo. She is part of the newly-formed WILLE.


Midori is a pale-skinned woman with pink hair and large lips. She is in charge of the sonar and radar. She has a habit of putting sticky notes everywhere on her control panel. She is quite lazy and (unlike Koji) is afraid of dying. She is the most angry of the WILLE crew when they see Shinji enter the control room. When Misato orders them to fly and fight the Nemesis series, she and other crew members were against it as they didn't want to die. Koji comments that you will die when you die, making Midori wonder how is he still alive at that age with this mentality.


  • Kitakami is the name of the Kuma light cruiser of the Japanese Imperial Navy between 1917 and 1921
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