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Maya Ibuki (伊吹マヤ[?]) is a fictional character from the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. Holding the rank of First Lieutenant, she is one of the three main computer technicians at NERV (Rebuild) heardquarters, along with Makoto Hyuga and Shigeru Aoba, and serves directly under Dr. Ritsuko Akagi. Maya frequently acts as Ritsuko's assistant, particularly with work on the MAGI that control the base, and computer readouts from the Evangelion units. During combat against the Angels she, along with Aoba and Hyuga, operate the primary control stations on the Command Center's bridge level, monitoring the status of the Evangelions and their pilots in battles and directing support for them.


Maya is a young woman in her twenties. She has short brown hair, as well as hazel eyes. As a member of the NERV, she wears the a beige jacket closed by a blue triangular button with a rigid stand-up collar. There are two orange bands on her shoulders. She also wears a matching skirt over white tights. Underneath her jacket, she wears a dark undershirt.


In the first two Rebuild of Evangelion movies, the story of Maya is the same as the original series with minor changes in 2.0. In 3.0, Maya is now fighting NERV alongside her colleagues under the command of Misato Katsuragi aboard the AAA Wunder; she can be seen giving orders during the launch of the ship. Following the events between 2.0 and 3.0, her personality seems to have changed a lot.

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In Evangelion: 3.0+1.0 Thrice Upon A Time, she appears as leading a team of hackers to activate the Sealling Pilars over Paris, France to recover the control of the NERV Euro base when attacked by NERV using the Mark.44A, Mark.44b and Mark.4444C series.

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  • Maya is named after two warships—the heavy cruiser that convert to the cancelled light aircraft carrier Ibuki and the Takao-class heavy cruiser Maya of the Japanese Imperial Navy.[1]


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