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Several manga or novel series have been developed based on the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series created by Gainax. While the first manga is a direct adaptation of the anime series, the following ones are spin-off series with several differences.

Neon Genesis Evangelion[edit | edit source]

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The first manga from the series is Neon Genesis Evangelion, written and illustrated by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto (who also worked in the character designs from the anime). The manga closely follows the anime story with few changes made to the characters or certain events. The series was serialized in Shōnen Ace from Kadokawa Shoten starting in 1995, but it was put on hiatus. The manga restarted publication in the first issue from the Kadokawa's Young Ace on July from 2009.[1] The chapters from the series have been collected into 11 tankōbon volumes which were published from August 29, 1995 to June 19, 2007. Volume 12 was finally released in Japan on April 3, 2010. North American manga and anime distributor Viz Media announced on Monday that it will release the 13th volume on November 2, the same day as the Japanese release. Kadokawa Shoten confirmed last month that the 13th volume will ship in Japan on November 2. A Japanese pre-order premium edition of the volume will feature an original variant cover, six postcards with original illustrations, a 50-page Sadamoto artbook featuring the first-page illustrations from every manga chapter, and a 3D card with the illustration from the premium edition's cover[2]. Viz Media licensed the series for English release and has published the 11 volumes between March 24, 2004 and November 18, 2008.

Neon Genesis EVANGELION (3 Years After) -ANIMA-[edit | edit source]

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A light novel set in an alternate future of the Evangelion world in which the Human Instrumentality Project, seen in episodes 25 and 26 of the anime never happened.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days[edit | edit source]

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Additionally, Fumino Hayashi has authored a spin-off series called Neon Genesis Evangelion: Angelic Days, which focuses on the romantical relationships between the main characters. Kadokawa Shoten serialized the series in Monthly Asuka and collected the series into six tankōbon volumes.[3] The volumes were published from February 17, 2004 to December 17, 2005. In the United States, NewType USA serialized the series, while ADV Manga released the six volumes.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project[edit | edit source]

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Another series having a similar focus is Neon Genesis Evangelion: Shinji Ikari Raising Project, authored by Osamu Takahashi. Shōnen Ace has been publishing the chapters since June 2005, and it is still ongoing with 10 tankōbon having been released. Dark Horse Comics has licensed the series for English release, while the first volume was released on July 8, 2009.[4][5]

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku[edit | edit source]

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Min Min has also authored Neon Genesis Evangelion: Gakuen Datenroku, which uses the same setting from the manga series, but a big difference from the Evangelions and the main characters. It was published in Monthly Asuka from October 2007 to December 2009, and it has been collected into four tankōbon volumes.

Petit Eva: Evangelion@School[edit | edit source]

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The series is a parody of Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which the entire cast of the original series (including a human-sized Eva-01 and three Rei based on the ones seen throughout the original anime) are now everyday students going to junior high school together at Tokyo-3.

Other manga[edit | edit source]

Another manga named "Evangelion: Ikari Shinji Tantei Nikki" (lit. "Evangelion: Shinji Ikari's Detective Journal") started serialization in Asuka's February 24, 2010 issue and is authored by Takumi Yoshimura in collaboration with Gainax and Khara. This manga has protagonized Shinji as a detective.[6]

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