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Mana Kirishima (霧島 マナ), is, along with Shinji, the main character of Girlfriend of Steel. She is a transfer student to the school where the main cast studies. Mana is later revealed as the test pilot of the T•RIDEN•T, a war machine designed in the same vein as the Jet Alone.


Mana is, like the Evangelion pilots, fourteen years old. She was born in Akune city, in the Kagoshima prefecture. Her father was a former Tokyo reclamation worker, who was submerged, and her mother a magazine editor. She can be seen as an expy of both Rei Ayanami and Asuka Langley Sohryu. Physically, she is closer to Rei, having short, brown hair. However, her personality is closer to that of Asuka, being more energetic and passionate. When she is not wearing her school uniform or pilot suit, Mana usually wears a white dress or a skirt. Her pilot's outfit consists of a gray jumpsuit that closes at the front with dark ranks. She also has a helmet, a bust and rigid beige gloves. Attending the same school as the Evangelion pilots, Mana has the same uniform, consisting of a blue dress, white socks and a pair of black shoes.


Mana first appears in the game as transfer student to the Children's school, taking interest in Shinji, saying that he is 'cute' (much to Asuka's chagrin). Gradually, they formed a relationship and go on a date. However, it turns out that she, along with two other teens, are the test pilots of the T•RIDEN•T, a new, manmade war machine poised to rival the Evangelions. Eventually, T•RIDEN•T goes berserk, forcing the Evangelions to destroy it.

Her in-game story differs, as the player chooses outcomes. In Mana's ending, it is discovered that she wasn't killed in the battle, and Shinji saves her and takes her to his apartment. After she showers and teases Shinji, Misato discusses with them that Mana has to leave Tokyo-3. She departs with a teary farewell, Shinji having won her heart. In Ryoji Kaji's ending, the above happens, though Shinji promises Mana that he will be waiting for her.


  • Mana also appears in Shinji Ikari Raising Project. Her character is much more developed in this continuity, making her more part of the original cast than in the video games.
  • Mana's family name "Kirishima", like many of the Evangelion characters, is taken from the Japanese battleship Kirishima, from the World War II.
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