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The Magi System (マギ) are a trio of multipurpose supercomputers most commonly seen being used to aid NERV in their effort to defeat the angels across the Evangelion franchise.


Uncovered Magi.

Located in the central command post of NERV Headquarters, the Magi system, often referred to as just the Magi, are three supercomputers who work in tandem to run various systems in both NERV HQ. Unlike other computers, the Magi have personalities built into them often resulting in each coming to different conclusions when presented with issues. When conflict arises, the type of issue generally determines how a conclusion is found, sometimes all the conclusions are provided and the decision is left to human discretion and other times, in the case of major decisions like self-destruction, a concensus between all three must be formed in order to take action.

Brain-like material used within the Magi,

Part of what makes the Magi special is their construction. During normal use, the Magi appear to be relatively red topped white boxes however when maintenance is required the boxes are raised revealing a network of tubes and pipes hidden beneath the ground with small tunnles for access to specific components. Beyond the purely mechanical components, the Magi also have some biological components resembling brains from which the Magi can be directly accessed. To do this, special needles need to be pierced into specific sections of the tissue allowing for the Magi to be reprogrammed.

The Magi are involved in almost every operation and are seen as one of NERVs most valuable assets, taking priority over every other function in NERV HQ. The Magi run simulations for probabilities of success, aid in Synchronization testing, manage security and are critical in operating the Evangelion. In addition to the work they do for NERV, the Magi are also at least partly responsible for running the Japanese government with the elected official mostly being a symbolic position as they generally follow the instructions provided by the computers.

There are numerous similarly named systems located in other NERV facilities around the world including Germany, the United States and China. Like the original, the replica Magi consist of three separate parts intended to work together.

Neon Genesis Evangelion History


The S.C. Magi System (マギ) are a trio of supercomputers designed by Dr. Naoko Akagi during her research into bio-computers while at Gehirn. The Magi's 7th generation organic computers were implanted with three differing aspects of Dr. Naoko Akagi's personality using the Personality Transplant OS (Operating System), being her persona as a woman (Casper-Magi 3), her persona as a mother (Balthasar-Magi 2), and her persona as a scientist (Melchior-Magi 1). Upon completion of the Magi and the subsequent death of Naoko, the Magi were transferred into NERVs possession.

At some point after their completion, presumably soon after, NERV began to produce replica Magi for their international facilities. It is unclear if these magi use the same personalities as the original or if they use some other system.


After their completion, the Magi played a crucial role in operations for both NERV as well as the Japanese government. Their importance would become especially clear once the Angels began their attacks on NERV Headquarters as the Magi were used to calculate odds of success and determine optimal plans of attack. Additionally, the Magi aided in various tests including Synchronization testing for the pilots and initialization for the Evangelion units.

Beyond the work they did for NERV, they also supposedly ran the Japanese government with the elected officials serving only as figureheads as their jobs were mainly just following through with the plans laid out by the Magi. While what the Magi controlled specifically is unclear as it is never explicitly stated, the statement that elected officials just follow the plans of the Magi suggests they have a fairly massive degree of control over every area of governance, likely controlling issues like public transportation, taxation and allocation of funds along with other key issues. It should also be noted that while the Magi make plans which are almost always followed, the Magi themselves can't actually enact any policies, instead needing an elected official to do so based on their suggestions.

Near Destruction

The Angel Ireul hacking the Magi Computers.

The Magi are used during Episode 13 to connect the simulation bodies to the Evas in their cages and, presumably, the synch-tests when the pilots are not present in the actual Evas.

Invasion of NERV HQ

The Main Magi being hacked by other Magi supercomputers.

After the final angel was defeated, SEELE arranged for an all out attack on NERV in order to prevent Gendo from interfering with their plans. While they were able to have NERVs defense budget slashed making a physical invasion easier, they still had to contend with the threat the Magi posed to their assault making the Magi a key target during every step of their invasion.

Because the Magi posed such a great threat to the invasion plan, SEELE began their assault on NERV with a digital attack on the original Magi using the replicas found in the other NERV bases. While they almost succeed, thanks to the genius of Ritsuko they were able to fend off the attack, forcing SEELE to begin their physical assault.

The physical assault had a few objectives, one of which was the preservation of the original Magi system. This task would ultimately prove to be extremely detrimental to their attack as it prevented their forces from using most offensive tactics while also providing NERV staff a strong defensive position. In the end, the Magi were able to survive the conflict however due to Third Impact, its survival became inconsequential.

Rebuild of Evangelion History

Pre Timeskip

Unlike Neon Genesis, in Rebuild of Evangelion the development and production of the Magi is never shown, spoken about or elaborated on with the original developer of the Magi and the time of its creation both being unknown. Because of this lack of information, very little is known about the Magi beyond the fact that they're supercomputers located in NERV Headquarters which are used to plan operations and aid in the deployment of the Evangelion.

At some point after near third impact, development and mass production of the Magi Archial completed however it is unclear if it was developed by NERV before the AAA Wunder was stolen or by WILLE after.

Post Timeskip

After the NERV civil war and the 14 year timeskip, two main factions remain, NERV and WILLE who both likely employ Magi technology.

Although NERV operated the original Magi, its status is unclear after the timeskip as the original Magi system is never shown or seen. Despite the lack of visual or spoken confirmation of their existence, NERVs ability to conduct complex operations, produce both specialized units like Evangelion 13 and many mass production units including most of the Mark Series, as well as the extremely heavy use of automation across their headquarters suggests some sort of complex computing system exists with Magi-like capabilities, regardless if it is specifically the original, a variant of it or something entirely different.

Banks of Magi Achiral onboard the AAA Wunder.

On the opposite side of the war, WILLE make use of a specialized Magi system called the Magi Achiral. Similarly to the original, the Achiral is used to run the various systems of WILLEs base of operation, the AAA Wunder however it differs greatly in form as instead of being just three computers, it is a collection of countless modules each made up of three much smaller computing units. These computing units are stored in a tower structure on board the Wunder with an elevator in the center in order to access each floor, presumably for maintenance or inspection. The Achiral functions nearly identical to the original including sharing a very similar display.

Magi Achiral aiding in the Paris Assault Mission.

During the Paris Assault Mission, a monitor shows three Magi Achiral helping with the decryption of the Angel-Sealing Hex Pillar. Whether 3 sets of banks were working or just 3 cells of one bank is unclear.


  • Names for the 3 supercomputers were based on the biblical Magi, also referred to as the the Three Wise Men or Three Kings, who were mentioned in the bible, specifically the Gospel of Matthew.
  • The Achiral is similar in concept to rack servers, small stacked computers stored in towers. These computers are often used by data centres for various purposes including running servers and complex computing.