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Kotono Mitsuishi, Misato Katsuragi's seiyu

Kotono Mitsuishi (三石 琴乃 Mitsuishi Kotono) (born December 8, 1967) is a prolific Japanese voice actress from Tokyo. As a young girl, Mitsuishi lived in Nagareyama, Chiba. Mitsuishi graduated from high school in 1986, and entered the Katsuta Voice Actor's Academy. While attending the academy, she began working part time as an elevator girl in the Sunshine 60 building. Afterward, she found a position as an office lady, but because of taking too much time off, she was forced to quit.

In 1988, Mitsuishi made her voice acting debut as Tomoyo in the OVA Ace wo Nerae! 2. She became an instant celebrity with her role as Usagi Tsukino when Sailor Moon debuted in 1992, and her popularity increased again with her role as Misato Katsuragi in the anime TV series Neon Genesis Evangelion. She is considered one of the most influential voice actor in the business; the animated adaptation of Ebichu was largely produced because of her interest in the project.

Mitsuishi is married and has one daughter. In a digression to her OL days, she rides a Yamaha FZ250 Phazer motorcycle. Mitsuishi is affiliated with Lasley Arrow.

A selection of other roles played by Kotono Mitsuishi

  • Angelic Layer as Shouko Asami
  • Blue Seed as Koume Sawaguchi
  • Dragon Half as Mink
  • Ebichu Minds the House as Ebichu
  • Excel Saga as Excel
  • Gundam Build Fighters as Rinko Iori
  • Great Teacher Onizuka as Urumi Kanzaki
  • Maze as Maze (female)
  • Mobile Suit Gundam SEED / Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny as Murrue Ramius
  • Noir as Mireille Bouquet
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena as Juri Arisugawa
  • Sailor Moon (and Sailor Moon R, S, Super S, Sailor Stars & Crystal) as Usagi Tsukino/Sailor Moon
  • Sugar, a Little Snow Fairy as Ginger
  • The Irresponsible Captain Tylor as Kim Kyung Hwa
  • Those Who Hunt Elves as Celsia Marie Claire


  • Prior to her first anime role, she worked on a PR video for a power plant in Hokkaido.
  • A Ebichu manga fanatic, Kotono personally lobbied for the voice role in the anime until she won it.
  • Posts from the year 2007 and 2008 state that she has breast cancer according to her official web page. A Japanese site and her official site state it was later diagnosed as benign.
  • She won the "Kazue Takahashi" Award of the 8th Annual Seiyū Awards[1]. This award rewards a female performer who broadens the profession of voice acting in every form of media.