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Kotone Suzunami (涼波コトネ) is an original character from Evangelion Battlefields, introduced in Season 2 of the game. She is a newly-appointed Evangelion pilot, and popular content creator for an unnamed video streaming platform in-universe.

Profile Edit

Kotone grew up in an orphanage, often looking after children younger than her. As a result of never having her parents in her life, she a lot of times feels unwanted and useless to people. It is as of yet unknown what happened to her parents.

She initially transferred to Tokyo-3 while NERV was scouting her out as a pilot candidate, being appointed to the role officially after she started attending school. In the game's "Case:01" story, she attends Class 2-A of the Tokyo-3 First Municipal Junior High School, with fellow Evangelion pilots Shinji Ikari, Asuka Shikinami Langley and Rei Ayanami, who she also trains under at NERV. In "Case:02", set 14 years in the future following the timeline of Evangelion 3.0, she lives at the NERV base with the other pilots and Hitomi Amagi. In "Case:03", also set in the 3.0 timeline, she and Hitomi instead reside on the AAA Wunder.

Kotone is described as being "bright and happy", her positive personality having attracted a large amount of attention to the videos she posts online. She puts forth a ton of effort in her work, not just in her video making, but her classwork and training as an Eva pilot as well. She stays determined during her training, despite her synchronization rate being slow to improve, a problem that is somehow linked to her hobbies as a video creator.

Trivia Edit

  • Suzunami is the name of the Yūgumo-class destroyer of the Japanese Imperial Navy.
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