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Koji Takao (高雄コウジ[?], "Takao Koji") is a fictional character from the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. He is part of the WILLE organization.


Koji Takao is a bald, imposing man wearing a goatee and is the ship's engineer. He controls the engine ignition sequence. He is a friend of Kaji and seems to know Misato's reckless strategies well and judge her as an "interesting captain". His personality seems calm. When Misato Katsuragi orders them to fly and fight the Nemesis series, few crew members are afraid of dying, but Koji comments that you will die when you die, making Midori Kitakami wonder how is he still alive at that age with this mentality.


  • Takao is the name of a heavy cruiser of the Japanese Imperial Navy between 1927 and 1928
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