Japan is a nation near Asia and is the primary setting of Neon Genesis Evangelion and Rebuild of Evangelion.

Before 2015

Before 2015 Japan had a population of several million people and was a well developed nation; then the Second Impact occured and this led to social unrest and war. Later on Tokyo is destroyed with an N² bomb and is replaced by Tokyo-2 then Tokyo-3. During this time the Evangelions were under construction by Gehirn (Later NERV), plus the United Nations is moved to Tokyo-3.

During 2015

The year when the Angels start attacking. During several battles with the Angels many parts of Tokyo are destroyed and during the The End of Evangelion, Tokyo-3 is destroyed by an Anti A.T. Field set off by the Mass Production Evangelions.


The government of Japan is similar to its real life counterpart. Their government has its Prime Minister and the Diet (Japanese congress); however a lot of what the government does is controlled by the United Nations (which SEELE has major political and financial control of).


Japan's military is the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force which is under control of the United Nations and Japanese government (In truth the secret organization SEELE controls them).

Notable Locations

Notable Events


Angel Attacks