It's A Miraculous Win (奇跡の勝ちは[?], "Kiseki no kachi wa") is a series of manga written and illustrated by Koume Yoshida based on CR Evangelion pachinko machines. It was released in fourteen volumes from 2006 to 2015 by Schola Magazine and later in E-Book format by 奇跡の勝ちは.

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It is set in a world where Evangelion is a fictional franchise, and the main character is an "Office Lady", aged 24, called Sakura Mogami (最上さくら) who loves to play Evangelion themed pachinko. She is a lively but clumsy young woman, defined by her obsession with everything Evangelion-related, and owns multiple Evangelion merchandise.

This is a light comedy manga that follows Sakura's misadventures and daily suffering as an obsessed Evangelion fan, as she frequently reminisces over scenes from the anime series, and even relives some of them in daily life. She also works with several people that happen to look exactly like some Evangelion cast members like Ritsuko, and her boss, who looks like Fuyutsuki. Mogami herself cosplays Rei and Asuka, and has a design similar to Gunbuster's Noriko. Notably, Mogami dates a pachinko parlor employee who looks exactly like Kaworu. She seems to be designed as a sort of self-insert character for female fans, parodying their own lives in a sort of wish-fulfillment setting that resembles the real world.

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