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The Insubstantial Angel is an Angel whose design concept seems to take what Ritsuko Akagi said about Sandalphon's "chrysalis" to heart, by having the entity go through larval and pupal (chrysalis) stages before reaching adulthood ("imago"). As a chrysalis, it can teleport short distances and in its true form can levitate, extend the three spikes from each spinning wheel-like structure on its sides into a blade, and fire green energy balls from it's body.

It has no known name, although its Bandai Carddass cards refer to it as "Insubstantial Angel". Because its Core is contained within the body of Mayumi Yamagishi, the Angel is forced to leave during battle with the Evangelion units to give Shinji Ikari and her time to think about what to do.


  • Larva

In its first form is a giant floating larva. From its lower part several thin legs emerge. In this state, the angel can teleport at short distances.

  • Pupa

In many lepidoptera, the pupa is called chrysalis. After spending some time in its floating larval state, the angel forms a gigantic chrysalis embedded between buildings. After staying a brief period of time, it reaches adulthood and assumes it's true form.

  • Imago

In its Imago form, the angel is a gigantic floating creature, whose appearance is vaguely resembling an insect. It has a thin and branched body in an exotic way, without limbs.

From its upper part arise two structures similar to a pair of wings. On both sides of its body it has revolving structures similar to wheels, from which three peaks emerge.


  • The Designer of the angel was Mahiro Maeda