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Iblis (イブリース, Iburisu?) (Arabic: إبليس‎‎) is an Angel that is original to the Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper RPG game.


Iblis appears as a giant, turtle like Angel with no rear legs and a long tail. Its head extends from the front of its shell on a fairly long and flexible neck. While there are ridges where the eyes would seemingly be, Iblis has no eyes in its skull, instead possessing a single yellow eye on the tip of a long tongue. Its shell alone is larger than an Evangelion, but despite this hard exterior, its Core seems to be kept at the end of its tail away from the main body.


Neon Genesis Evangelion RPG: The NERV White Paper[]

Iblis Card

A color card of Iblis provided with the game.

According to the scenario in the NERV White Paper it is first encountered by NERV’s Russian branch in the part of Siberia near the border with China. The attempt to contain the Angel by Russian forces fails miserably due to the Angel’s combat abilities being beyond what they were expecting. During the battle it is shown that each of the three bumps on the Angel’s shell each generate a separate A.T. Field that can be used either together as a triple layered defense or they can be interwoven to generate an Aurora like resonance attack that can strike multiple targets. Further adding to the difficulty in combating this Angel is the fact it can burrow underground and most distressingly of all it manages to absorb the energy of a new type of N² weapon the Russian branch tries to destroy it with thus making itself stronger. After trouncing the Russian branch in Siberia it then proceeds to destroy the city of New Vladivostok before crossing the sea to Niigata and then swinging toward Matsushiro and then Tokyo-3.


  • Artwork of Iblis displays it appearing out of the ocean much like Sachiel from the TV series.
  • In Islam, the Devil is known as "Iblis". It was said that Iblis was created from smokeless flame. He was originally created as a jinn, and worshiped God a lot until the creation of Adam, where he refused to prostate before Adam, much to God's anger. God later banished Iblis from Heaven and promised him a place in Hell. As a revenge, Iblis also promised to God, that he will seduce Adam's descendants to go against God's commands. Also, All Islamic scholars consider Iblis as the leader of evil demons (or Satan/Shaytaan).