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IPEA logo

The IPEA (International Project Evangelion Agency) is a mysterious organization under the jurisdiction of the United Nations.


The IPEA operate independently of NERV (Rebuild). They are in charge of the Evangelions containment facility that Unit-02 is placed within under the terms of the Vatican Treaty. Given that Unit-02 was later sortied against the Tenth Angel, with Mari Makinami Illustrious as pilot and the facility's technicians assisting her, IPEA may also possess independent power to mobilize Evangelion units.

Provisional Unit-05's boot-up screen indicates that the subsystem is of IPEA manufacture, suggesting that IPEA also plays a role in the preparation of at least some Evangelion units.


IPEA's logo incorporates a three-eyed, two-cored, Eva-like being to which Evangelion Unit-01 at Near Third Impact achieves a strong resemblance. A more subtle allusion between the two is provided via the way the IPEA logo is situated over the containment silo doors: when the doors open, light streams out between the logo's two cores in much the same way as light streams from Unit-01's heart.


Ikuto Yamashita's Logo rough draft