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Hikari Horaki, is the class representative of Class 2-A, the class that Shinji Ikari and other Eva pilots attend.


She takes her role as the "class representative" seriously, and although she frequently bickers with Tōji, when Asuka asks her about her feelings for him, she tells Asuka that she is in love with him but she is unable to confess that.

Because a major part of her job is to make sure the class follows proper protocol, Hikari first appears to be slightly aggressive, hot-blooded and rigid. Despite being a bossy and quick-tempered tomboy, she might believe that herself, as she apparently thinks that her skill in cooking might be unexpected when she tells Toji about it (presuming that something so feminine would be at odds with her strong promotion of the rules).

She also appears to be Asuka's only and best friend. Hikari is an accomplished cook who appears to take care of her two sisters. Like presumably every one of Shinji's classmates, Hikari's mother is dead. However, no references were ever made as to whether her father is, either. Her given name, and that of her unseen younger sister, Nozomi, and elder sister, Kodama, is also in reference to the names of the trains of the Tokaido Shinkansen line. In a Gainax artwork picture she is shown in an orange plugsuit as the pilot for EVA Unit-05.[1] She is also featured in a live action deleted scene in The End of Evangelion. She is voiced by Junko Iwao in Japanese, by Carol Amerson in the English adaptation of the TV series, by Kimberly Yates in Death and Rebirth (Yates re-recorded Amerson's lines), and Leah Clark in the Rebuild of Evangelion series.

Hikari is not seen after the evacuation of Tokyo-3 following the battle with Armisael. However, it is implied that she lives in the suburbs, as Misato eventually sends Pen Pen to live with the Horaki family after that same incident in hopes that he would be safer with them. Hikari was seen earlier (in Episode 9) to have taken a liking to Pen Pen.


Hikari has brown hair with two pigtails and light purple decals. She has a few freckles. She is commonly shown wearing her iconic outfit, which consists of a white shirt, blue dress, red bow, white knee-high stockings, and black Mary Jane shoes.

In other mediaEdit


In the manga, Hikari is depicted with a slightly different shade of hair. She is not seen as much with Asuka as she is in the anime, though they are still shown to be good friends, and her feelings for Toji are stronger than they are in the anime, providing grounds for a major tragedy when Toji is killed by Unit-01 during the Bardiel incident.

After Instrumentality is rejected, she is neither seen nor mentioned again.

Neon Genesis EVANGELION (3 Years After) -ANIMA-Edit

Brainwashed Hikari In Anima

A brainwashed Hikari in Evangelion ANIMA.

In ANIMA, Hikari is now 17. She is involved in the war between the Euro Army and the NERV JAPAN - she's brainwashed by the Euro Army in order to pilot the EVA EUROII Heurtebize. Later, as she is released from her brainwashing, she senses a soul inside the Heurtebize (thought to be that of Asuka's mother) and she decides to stay with the Euro Army as a collaborator.

Rebuild of EvangelionEdit

Hikari is less prominent in Rebuild of Evangelion, appearing in a few scenes in Evangelion 1.0. The Rebuild version Hikari isn't friends with Asuka Langley Shikinami; in Evangelion 2.0 when Hikari asks Asuka Shikinami if she can share her lunch, the latter rudely refuses, unlike the original Asuka. She is last seen being shielded by Tōji from missile explosions during the Tenth Angel's attack on Tokyo-3. Her fate at the end of 2.0 is unknown and she is never mentioned in 3.0.


Hikari and her sisters, Kodama and Nozomi, cameo in episode 31 of the kids train mecha TV anime Shinkansen Henkei Robo Shinkalion THE ANIMATION. They give a car ride to main Shinkalion protagonist Hayato Hayasugi. The cameo is notable for being Kodama and Nozomi's first on-screen appearances in any Evangelion-related media. Junko Iwao, Hikari's voice actress in the Evangelion TV anime, voices her and her sisters during the episode.[2]

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