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Hideki Tama (多摩ヒデキ[?], "Tama Hideki") is a fictional character from the Rebuild of Evangelion movie series. He is part of the WILLE organization.


Hideki is a pale-skinned man with an unusual hair style. Like Koji, he is assigned to engineering. Not knowing the AAA Wunder very well, he can be seen with a lot of books when the ship takes off for the first time. He along with other crew members was surprised by Misato's order to fly and fight Nemesis series and was against it. However, the crew proceeded with the order and he can be seen very surprised after the victory against the Nemesis series. His personality seems to be shy but serious.


  • Tama is the name of the Kuma class light cruiser of the Japanese Imperial Navy between 1917 and 1921
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