RB4 Golgotha Object.png

Golgotha Object (ゴルゴダオブジェクト[?]) is a mysterious artifact existing in the Minus Space on the other side of the Doors of Guf. Its appearance resembles several crosses linked together. It is covered in white glyphs similar to the red ones on the Angel-Sealing Hex Pillars.

According to Gendo this artifact has been left by an unknown being. It is presumably related to the Black Lilith figure imagined by Shinji, Evangelion Imaginary. [1]

The Golgotha object behind the Doors of Guf

The Golgotha Object is first seen in Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo, when the Doors of Guf are closing after Shinji has been ejected from Evangelion 13 by Mari.


  • The Anti-universe (minus space) and Golgotha object are both references to Ultraman lore.
  • The purple Failures of Infinity form an object similar to the Tree Of Life.